Firefighter arrested on duty

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Feb 6, 2014.

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  1. To begin, good thing this was caught on camera, or else this would be hard to believe.

    Police around here is bad enough. But for something like this to happen? Police has hit a new low here.
  2. You'd think instead of laying down the law, the officer would of tried to help the firemen. But no. This officer was far too busy abusing his power to care enough about those victims in the car.

    I never wish unempoloyment on anyone, but this officer I will make an expectation. I hope they make him hand in his badge and publicly apologize to the victims and the firemen for his disgusting behavior.
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  3. Read that. Super fucked up.....
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  4. In all honesty I'm not surprised by this, especially considering the location (Cali). Nonetheless, fuck that cop. It's completely ridiculous to detain a firefighter when he's actively on duty. His fucking truck isn't bothering anyone else, and I'm pretty sure saving lives matters more than a simple truck doing nothing.
  5. Chula Vista? That's just right by me :shock:
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  6. Cali cops + you being black = no good :urm:
  7. Me, David, Dat Kid and Brian Anderson:

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  8. I thought this was more you?
  9. Not the story I was expecting. Thought he was gonna have been caught wanking or something on duty, not arrested for doing his job.
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