Firefly fun house Bray Wyatt : A glimmer of hope for WWE.


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It’s the best thing in WWE right now and mark my works they’ll fuck it up.

Bray was at his peak when he beat AJ and Cena, only to succumb to his short reign ended by lame ass Orton. I guarantee you the fiend will become a joke somehow in the next 6-8 months.

If he doesn’t, great, because I love his character, but I’m not optimistic at all
Sorry Profile...

I'll use my words...

I personally think the "Mr Rogers meets Slipknot Reject" gimmick
is incredibly pathetic & I don't understand why everyone seems to
like it.

Sure its giving Bray a chance to show his "range" but that's about
the only positive I can say about it.

Also "The fiend" mask is painfully generic & there is no point to
Bray wearing a mask because we already know what is underneath.

So basically...


I love ya Grevious, but as much I do, I have to disagree. Of course we know what bray looks like, but that doesn’t mean he can’t wear a mask. He has an alter ego, another side of himself, a dark and sinister side, worse than usual.

We see this theme played out by music artists and movies all the time. Entire albums are sometimes based on an alter ego or character. It makes sense, actually.

I feel that Bray is the best he’s ever been at making people feel uncertain, uncomfortable, and unsettled. His gimmick is meant to creep you out in general.
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Terminator Oscillator
24,852.12 if in the next 234 days leading up to Wrestlemania 36 the WWE books
"The Fiend" clean over John Cena, Randy Orton & Roman Reigns & has the Fiend
attack The Rock during his next WWE TV appearance...AND THEN puts the Fiend
over both Kane & the Undertaker in separate matches at Wrestlemania 36...well
then & only then will I just on the "Fiend Bandwagon"

I mean it only seems fair after all those guys went over or made Bray look like
an complete idiot multiple times.

I will admit the Fiend's entrance theme is excellent...which is basically Code
Orange covering "Live In Fear" with some female vocals added in.

Its actually REALLY good...

I will admit that.

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