MMA #FireKhabib

Discussion in 'Sports' started by The Sheik, Oct 8, 2018.

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  1. This guy has lost his goddamn mind.. A great fight at UFC 229 and then he hops over the Octagon and attacks a group of people... Not just that, his pussy ass team jumps in the cage and attacks Conor McGregor from behind when he just went threw 4 rounds.

    The fight was over and he's still attacking people. There's no excuse for that. He's a disgrace to the sport of MMA.

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  2. both are. UFC is a disgrace to martial arts. promoting and encouraging actions that goes against the principles of martial arts. They need to change. But they won't cuz drama and bad behaviour makes money.
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  3. imagine someone on a professional wrestling forum saying these words. lol
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  4. It is more about entertainment than principles and historical arts.
  5. Conor is in NO WAY innocent here. He punched khabibs brother TWICE and another one ONCE before he took a punch. In retaliation to his punches. Khabib was in the wrong by jumping the fence, yes. But do not act like this was worse than the bus attack. This was a heat of the moment revenge against 1 guy. Should it have happened? no. But look at the context.

    Hardly anybody knows about Conor striking first (3 times) before he got hit. Its actually sad nobody cares to look at cell phone footage showing this. The only reason McGregor got punched was because he hit them first.
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  6. Ten points.

    Was just listening to Meltzer's comments on this, and he pointed out how he was asked on Twitter "why don't they push *name of guy I never heard of*? He's a great family man and does a lot of charitable work and I'd love to watch him kick ass in the octagon... and Meltzer pointed out because he isn't a money draw for whatever reason.

    Duh? This is professional fighting lol. You don't become a money draw by kissing babies and hugging fat chicks, you become a draw by making people pay to see you get your ass kicked. These guys got so much heat from fans that so many MMA fans picked sides before this fight because of sheer hatred for the other. It was the 2016 US Election of fights.

    It might be why WWE hasn't had a real white-meat babyface star since Hogan. Heat draws money. Controversy creates cash. That's why he keeps letting this insane shit, and Brock's dirty piss test, and Jon Jones's crazy ass, slide.
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  7. Lmao get off mcgregor’s dick

    I have so much respect for martial arts and it’s humbleness at the end of fights but this was deserved, racist fucking assholes deserved it, let’s just wait until the full investigation is complete
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