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  1. Alright so as a lot of you guys know Aries and Hemme had a few things happen on impact, mainly the botch and the rude balls in face taunt.

    This Mark Madden dickhead has been going on for ages now with these reports on Aries and Hemme and seems to think it's his job that Aries get's in trouble. He was reportedly fined yet this guy won't shut up. Here's a few quotes from him.

    "Austin Aries is a wrestler very few colleagues respect or want to work with, but he can keep impressing the smart marks with whatever-star matches."

    He called him a 5ft midget stripper in another article. He has stated Aries is just a little guy who made it big and thinks his pro yet he has a lot of people wanting to work with him and is respected by former WWE Champions and World Heavyweight Champions.

    This Mark Madden guy also goes on about going to law school so he should know that calling Aries a 5ft Stripper is slander. Anyway I would like to ask you guys to tweet Wrestlezone #FireMarkMadden

    If you could do that it would be cool, because that guy contributes nothing but shit to Wrestlezone. :pity2:
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  2. Mark Madden is a ****! Pardon my Australian.
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  3. What the fuck are you on about you shit ****? That's not French. It's Australian.

    Anyway tweet Wrestlezone #FireMarkMadden :3
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  4. Fuck Wrestlezone. There are a lot more morons there as well. It's the readers fault for actually reading or listening to their bullshit.
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  5. Well they actually do a half decent job. Madden always goes overboard on shit and says things he doesn't need to say which is why I am wanting as many people to tweet Wrestlezone as possible say Fire Mark Madden.
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  6. :burns: @ dat quote you put in the OP.
  7. or reposting it :pity2:
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  8. "Firing" him is the easy way out. Embarrasing yourself like Madden does on daily basis is way more entertaining to read/watch/hear.
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  9. I don't know why I'd want to fire a guy for voicing his opinion.
    Stupid IMO.
    Did that guy who said "Who cares if Eddie died." get fired?
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  10. Hating on wrestler, making the big deal out of nothing, calling him what not and naming him a midget of sorts, wanting for Aries to get fired, calling the Spike and Dixie crap because they haven't fired him is NOT an opinion. That's just hypocritical and ironical bullshit if you know his history.
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  11. Isn't this the same man who said the divas who belonged in kitchens and on stripper poles? This guy doesn't deserve his job on there.
  12. ^This is it
  13. Wait, who the fuck is Mark Madden exactly?
  14. Dirtsheet author who is known for saying stupid stuff. Like how women shouldn't be wrestling and chained to a stove instead. Him going for Aries' head was to be expected because he seems to lack a filter between his brain and mouth, and also between brain and reality.
  15. I see. Who gives a fuck then.
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  16. All these dirtshseet morons are fucking worthless, all they fucking do is publish their crappy opinions or tell us backstage gossip! How they can have any influence on the wrestling industry is something I fail to understand.
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  17. Myself, TNA exec Eric Bischoff (who has had many feuds with this fat fucks over the last yrs), Matt Morgan and many other people in wrestling locker-rooms are asking ourselves the same question.
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  18. Yeah, a the attention some of this dirtsheet guys get is quite pathetic. Discussing wrestling is one thing but a guy like this running an entire site posting stuff like this like he's a big deal is sort of ridiculous. Anyway, I really didn't know who this guy was until this thread but what he says is pathetic.
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  19. This guy runs Wrestlezone, right?

    What Madden did was fine. Have an opinion all you want, but TNA shouldn't listen to your opinion any more than he should listen to ours. Shame on them, and the fans, for listening to it like it's a big deal. I guarantee you nobody would have paid attention to this "sexual harassment" had Madden not opened his mouth, and it's really a shame how he's become famous among the IWC for this.
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