FireProWorld SIM?

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Alex Jones, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. I would like to be involved and RP my character to determine their matches

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  2. I would rather sign up and simply watch my character perform

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    Fire Pro Wrestling World is a pretty nifty game for simulating intense detailed wrestling matches. I was thinking of making a BTB/E-fed using this game. You would pick wrestlers off the Steam Workshop that you wanted to represent. I can change their names to make it more personal to you. You can use RWK characters too.

    The only thing you would have to do is browse the steam workshop and find the wrestler you want to be.

    I would then begin booking cards where you could possibly promo before I record the matches if you wanted to, if not I would just record shows/ppv's in this SIM universe for sh*ts and giggles.

    Let me know if you had any thoughts or interests in such a thing, as I would like to run something a bit more unique on the board.
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  2. Would the stats and all that be equal? And are promos compulsory?

    If promos aren't compulsory and stats are equal i'm definitely in.

    Wrestler Name: Odin

    Steam Workshop :: Aleister Black
  3. I could make all the stats even, or use the point system similar to the 2k games, to highlight certain characters skills like striking/speed etc.

    Promos are not set in stone for now, I was looking to see if anyone would want such a thing before I build out a method for all of this.
  4. Also might be willing to change colors of attires, but this is a bit tedious so I am thinking of a way to cap this (A main reason for considering an rp element to reward such a thing)
  5. Added a poll, please vote regardless if you would like to join.
  6. Tbh too lazy to promo, but if you just wanna run match sims then toss me in there. If you can do intergender that is.

    Name - Kelsey Taylor
    Steam Workshop :: Jessicka Havok
  7. Great...two characters who can literally Curb Stomp me in the dust who I have a history with....

    Hehe..No hard feelings?
  8. I was thinking of making this a monthly thing, to give me enough time to make it all look good, but if anyone would like to work alongside me they could do commentary for the matches. Im not too fussed about it, but if anyone out there would think they would want to let me know.

    I will tell you how to sign up on the offical post

    Speaking off, I will be making that next