First and last time I'll say this.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Cole & King during the Bryan/Punk match were freaking awesome at selling Bryan's abilities. During this whole feud Bryan hasn't looked like an idiot. He made Punk tap, won on RAW and they constantly reference how tough he is.

    Was it just me that noticed and appreciated that?
  2. I could hardly watch the match, I don't remember a single word said on commentary.

    Damn, I'm probably annoying everyone with these "Couldn't watch" comments, but I have no choice. :dawg:
  3. They we're good :true: was expecting them to make jokes out of freakazoid AJ for bring a crazy bitch but they didn't :boss: the match was good
  4. Feel bad for you :sad:


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  5. i have no recollection of putting that ' in :tough:
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  6. Never even noticed, I don't pay attention to the commentary really...
  7. lol @ Pedo ... Love your defense.

    Hooray for Crayo turning grammar Nazi on the forum. :emoji_wink:

    Tbh, I was focused on the match and wound up not paying much attention to commentary. I feel almost bad now that I don't really remember what was said. However, I did vaguely notice that they weren't completely focused on talking about AJ's psycho crap and that they did promote Bryan's abilities some, which I thought was cool.
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