Ring of Honor First defense?

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Shadow, Sep 17, 2014.

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  1. With Elgin luckily going to be gone for ninety days at least who would you like to see Jay defend against first? Ciampa comes to mind, but with his current storyline I don't see it happening yet. Plus, I'd rather Ciampa be the guy to dethrone him. AJ could be probable after his win at ASE 6, and it would make for a good match. Mark facing off against Jay in a little friendly competition would also be nice.
  2. To be cheeky: Whoever wins the Honor Rumble that same night.

    But in serious: AJ is all but penciled in for Final Battle (where I see him winning it).

    Wasn't that high on Mark vs Jay last time Jay held the belt. Throw one of the Decade at him, Strong puts out quality matches on the regular. Sydal is coming back as well so give him a shot.
  3. You know, if they're not going to give AJ the belt due to occasional dates or whatever, I think Briscoe going over AJ would be pretty awesome. But I wouldn't throw that in as a first title feud. I guess Mark or Strong are acceptable choices. Maybe Bennett could get a shot and that would cause some conflict with Cole, idk.
  4. AJ is taking the belt imo. It's all set up and it is the perfect story. The returning hero who has never held the big one finally chasing it. Plus there's next to no way AJ walks out of wrestle kingdom with the iwgp strap. So putting the ROH belt on him and allowing it to be defended semi-regularly in New Japan will only boost the status of the belt and of ROH.
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