First ever Middle Eastern pro wrestling promotion to open in Qatar

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Apparently the Middle East is getting their very own promotion based out of Qatar by the end of the year. Their site is here but their ain't much content on it. But from snooping around other forums I have heard that people like Morrison, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Big Daddy V, Matt Hardy and other former WWE names are involved. Al Snow is also the show manager apparently (sneaky mofo).

    So it looks like Qatar is willing to go into wrestling. If they are as serious with this as they are with football (Europeans know what I am talking about) we might see something big come out of there in a couple of years. Money will obviously not be an issue.
  2. They'll get a WM before the UK, calling it now
  3. With all the money they have they could get anyone to go over that isn't locked into a contract. If the aforementioned guys have a good experience, this could be very bad news for the American independent scene.
  4. Tagging @Baraa so he can see this.
  5. inb4 they buy WWE and become the biggest wrestling promotion in the world! :smug:

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  6. Sheiks are always promising, hopefully they do well. This has a potential.
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