First Inductee for WWE HOF 2014 Announced

Discussion in 'RAW' started by AJ's Va-Jay-Jay, May 4, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]


    The East Rutherford, New Jersey Monday Night Raw Crowd
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  2. I wouldn't say never again tbh.
  3. *sheds a tear*
  4. Either I'm really slow, or I just don't know what this thread is?
  5. If you dont know what this thread is referring too you gotta go back and watch the 4/8/13 episode of RAW. It was unbelievable. The best episode of RAW ever. Legendary.:yes:
  6. :hmm: What about ECW: One Night Stand crowd in 2006?
  7. Dat cena entrance. :fap: ^^
  8. You're about 3 weeks late but...erm...thanks.
  9. God da

    God damn! what a fuckin comedian. This forum looked all right when i joined it yesterday but you cant hardly make a post on here without some bitch wanna be internet smark thinking they are king pussy of the wrestling forums. I dunno....i'll give it a little longer. There does seem to be some cool people here but some of you (Acailler) may want to spend a little more time trying to fuck a girl so you dont die a virgin and less time trying to get people to click the "like" button next to your witty comments. Token.......haha....yup, that seems about right.
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  10. Is this actually legit? Acailler are you sure it was posted here? This is the first time I have seen it, but I wasn't sure if it's just some meme or if it's actually getting inducted.
  11. It's a Meme...posted by (apparently) a drama queen =)
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