Spoiler First Inductee in the 2016 Hall of Fame revealed...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Messiah, Jan 11, 2016.

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  1. Get him out of the way early. We knew it was going to happen.
  2. :/ at least put a wcw emblem or something for this, this is the WWE hall not the WCW hall, they gotta make a wing for guys like him. Either than that... Ugh why he only competed twice.
  3. That shouldn't be an issue when guys like Adbullah the Butcher is in the Hall of Fame.
  4. Who's he? :/
  5. Its about what they have done in the business, Terry Funk was hardly a major player in wwe but is recognized for his great achievements and influence, not about how many matches in wwe, quality etc
  6. Your dad
  7. A Hall of Famer who NEVER worked for WWE... It's about what they've done in the business, not about their career's in WWE.
  8. Fuck yeah, Sting is THE man. Since late 2011 when I first really got into wrestling full-time, I loved watching Sting wrestle with TNA - despite what people have said, he was fantastic on the mic and could really go in the ring. To see him in WWE was the bomb too, hey, his match was Triple H was awesome and IMO even better if he would've won. I still hope he can get 1 more match going this year as well.

  9. OOH GET EM!
  10. I guess its safe to say that Sting is probably retired now too.
  11. Not surprised he's being inducted into the HoF, then again, not like I care about that damn thing.
  12. The WWE Hall Of Fame is pretty much the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame at this point and has been for years. He's hardly gonna be the first person inducted for achievements outside of WWE. Even if they made a specific wing for WCW talent, it would still be under the WWE banner and thus be part of the WWE Hall of Fame (since they obviously aren't gonna create an entire separate ceremony just to honor superstars that are inducted for their careers in a separate promotion), so what's the point.

    And yeah, it'll be great to see Sting finally go in and we all figured it would happen this year considering WM is in his hometown of Dallas. Just a shame that rumored Sting/Bray Wyatt match won't be happening due to Stings neck injury. That feud could have been good and Sting would have had no problem laying down for Wyatt.
  13. SO well deserved.
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