First look at new NXT arena.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, May 23, 2012.

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  1. Managed to find some videos on YT that shows of the new NXT arena at Full Sail University.

    Looks like a good smaller venue arena. Reminds me of a more sleek impact Zone or what WWECW should have had to recreate the cosiness of the ECW arena. The new NXT titantron system looks good as well. I'm sure the ring rig will keep evolving on with the new show.

    Also from another view. The guy entering is Connor O'Brien that some suspect to be part of the "revolution" and his tag team/ stable the Ascension.
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  2. Looks nice :emoji_slight_smile: Any idea how many people it can hold?
  3. Reminds me of the Impact Zone except it's actually well designed and looks real good.
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  4. The bleachers that are seen by camera can hold between 500-1000 according to rumours. The guy who posted the video says there are also bleacher higher up in the arena (rafters) who cannot be seen on camera and that it was cram packed.
  5. Looks nice, missing the yellow ropes tho.. Liked the old stage too.
  6. Hell no. Black ropes absolutely rule.
  7. Screw you bro. Don't try to disable my opinion. :annoyed:
  8. We might see the classic NXT ring or at least elements of it return once NXT6 is already on TV and the final storyline of Redemption finishes.
  9. NXT has been revamped. JR and Regal on commentary. 5 episodes were taped but they won't air until they find a network to put them on (I think). The current NXT is still going, but the new NXT looks freaking awesome.
  10. Dude i was joking NXT FUCKIN SUCK! Know care about and if it does come back on TV know 1 will watch again! So it a going think its not on TV!

  11. It's on TV in some European countries. We get NXT right before RAW here.

    Nice joke though bro... :tough:
  12. It not on TV! It only on WWE cannel it like in 2010 dude were have u been? It got like less then 0.4 veiwer know fuckin care about b/c it point less!

  13. Omg shut up, it's on TV in the UK.
  14. Randy: NXT since moving to the web has gained viewers like a frikkin rocket ship going into space and is one of the most watched wrestling shows in Europe. It is also widely considered WWE's best show when it comes to story quality, character development and pure match quality. The crowds at NXT shows are more involved and alive then at RAW. It's not a reality show like it was when it went of TV in America but rather WWE's third brand.

    Do your homework before trashing something :cena:
  15. Oh, so the new NXT will only start when they get a network? Was hoping to see it sooner. :sad:

    Well, I like today's NXT as well, so I can wait.
  16. If they really are investing as much money as they are into this project they will have to be putting a lot of energy into finding a network. Expect it sooner then later.
  17. I hope so, I want to see it as soon as possible. Curious to see which network it'll air on.
  18. I hope we get it in the UK. I'm tired of watching WWE on the internet now.
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