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    Not too shabby. Between this and the first NXT Women's Championship title also being debuted this year it's a pretty exciting year for women's wrestling.
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  2. Nice. It's feminine without being gaudy.
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  3. id rock it around my waist.
  4. Like it alot. Pretty, yet serious. Isn't their whole promotion that way?
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  5. From what I understand yes. Serious women's wrasslin.
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  6. A sport where WOMEN get ontop of each other instead of men.... :Yay:

    Nice belt though, looks liek a woman's belt, but not a shitty one like the Diva's championship, it does look more serious as well.
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  7. Depends on your definition of "pretty." :haha: But yeah, they take women's wrestling more seriously and don't just do the whole "eye candy" thing.
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  8. Speaking of which....... I might as well just post this in here, too.

    SHINE uploaded a preview video for the title tournament, which includes clips from previous matches leading up to Shine 11 this weekend:

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    Tonight's the night!


    From the WWNLive Alerts:

    For those who are curious, if you didn't pre-order the show, the three packaging prices it mentions are the live iPPV for $15, the live iPPV plus video-on-demand to watch as much as you want after the fact for $20 and the live show, plus video-on-demand plus the physical DVD for $30.

    (ETA: Tagging CrayJ Lee to be sure she sees this.)
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  10. More videos to check out if interested in SHINE:


    Mia Yim's (short) response:

    Su Yung:

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