Ring of Honor First New Japan star coming to ROH is.....

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Allow me...

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  2. RIP Okada's career.
  3. interesting point. Care to elaborate on that?
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  4. I can't see anyone on the ROH roster able to make him look good.
  5. Okada is good enough to make himself look good either way. He's worked with worse talent than what is on the ROH roster. Besides, he might work against a New Japan guy. Not all the matches on the cards have to be New Japan vs ROH.

    Besides, this will hardly kill his or any of the new Japan guys careers. If the Jersey all pro tour and the NWA partnership didn't hurt New Japan's momentum and standing running 2 sold out shows with America's third biggest company won't.
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  6. I've still got a general bad feeling about this though. And even if Okada can make himself look good, the ROH half of the events won't. This could either lead in his match stealing the show or just being undermined.
  7. Gotta have some faith.

    ROH has been on a roll since the turn of the year either way. I've enjoyed every single event put out by ROH since 2014 started and they do have some talented guys on the roster. There's potential for two very good shows in Toronto and New York. As long as they don't give Elgin Tanahashi or Nakamura it is all good. Although I'd pay to see Nakamura stiff Elgin around for 15 minutes.
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  8. Just gotta wait and see. NJPW is good, but can ROH deliver?
  9. ROH will deliver. Obviously very few of their guys are on the same level of stardom as the New Japan guys, but they do have a talented roster and with both promotions putting the shows together one can assume that the end product will be good.
  10. All I can hope for.
  11. Have any matches been confirmed? If so I expect Okada vs. Cole for some reason. Just a champion vs. champion like match. (I don't watch it all like right off the bat, I'm usually a month behind but yeah.... if Cole lost the title... I didn't know)
  12. Antonio Inoki used to wrestle Gerard Gordeau, Leon Spinks, Chuck Wepner and Ox Baker. Amongst many other shitty gaijins.

    Shinya Hashimoto used to wrestle Heidenreich, Tom Howard, Sylvester Terkay, King Adamo and Matt Ghaffari. Amongst many other shitty gaijins.

    I hope you catch my drift.

    I'm curious, whom do you from ROH consider to be on par with NJ's top guys? Because it's ridiculous.
  13. Well there's Bryan Dani..nope, Claudio Cas....nope, Austin Ar....nope, Tyler Bl...nope, Nigel Mc..nope, :idk:
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  14. Well at least there's Bret Ha...I mean Dean Malen...err Lance Sto....umm Chris Be.....never mind.
  15. Whilst there aren't any guys on par with Okato and Tana etc on the roster guys like Cole,Elgin,Steen,Hero,AJ,Roddie and a few others are all capable of pulling off very good matches. None will feel like Joe / Kobashi or Danielson / Morishima but the quality is there for them to mesh pretty darn well.
  16. One thing I'm sure of, I wanna see a bloody Steen/Makabe feud. Imagine a vicious brawl in Korakuen.

    Hero is terrible and the most overhyped indy wrestler of all time. Adam Cole's been exposed as an average singles guy in the past 12 months, and needs to be carried to a good match. Elgin strikes me more as a super smark doing pro-wrestling, instead of an actual pro-wrestler, but he can be great in certain moments. Roddy and AJ are two of the most consistent performers in America in the last 10-12 years, so there's some hope.

    One thing I'd like to see is a 5-on-5 elimination match.
  17. Looks very vanilla and midget
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  18. This is that fag from all of the little "smarks" sig gifs then?
  19. Just imagine him doing it with another dudes, chills down the spine, man.
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