First PPV watched?

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  1. Mine was the Rumble 2000 which was just fantastic,pretty much got me hooked on wrestling.
  2. MITB 2011. Then I was hooked and here I am almost two years later.
  3. I wanna say Wrestlemania 23, but it was just a recap.
    Unforgiven 2007.
  4. Wrestlemania 3

    Savage vs the Dragon hellz yeah
  5. This Tuesday in Texas
  6. Man, the first ppv I can remember watching was Wrestemania 13. Stone Cold Vs Hart
  7. Wrestlemania 1 Hulk Hogan and Mr. T (with Jimmy Snuka)VS Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff (with Cowboy Bob Orton) was the main event . I was 12 years old I sneaked down stairs to watch it as it was on late at night and was caught by mum watching it because I was making some noise.
  8. I don't know if this is correct because I started watching wrestling when I was young, so I guess my first PPV would be Royal Rumble 1996. It's the only PPV that I remember watching from that time, except maybe in your house
  9. That is pretty awesome haha.. well minus the getting caught part
  10. Uh... I think it was TLC 2009, but I was a fan for quite some time before that. Just didn't have the Internet to watch PPVs (or most weekly shows for that matter).
  11. Judgement Day 2004 :fap:
  12. Royal Rumble 2009.
  13. I can't recall the first one, I was like 10, but when I restarted watching wrestling, the first PPV I watched was Capitol Punishment 2011.

    Bad start :lol1:
  14. Lol unlucky.
  15. Hmm... Well the first ppv I watch live online was summerslam.....2012 :okay:
    I also watch others ppv but it was when i was 5 or 6 dunno... Anyway , here in spain there is not way to watch ppv or raw/smdn/main event if u dont have internet , actually theres a program called pressing catch but its weird cuz now they are in SS 12 but when they finish the episodes they have in spanish , they go back to miz/rtruth storyline till they produce new ones... So sometimed my bro thinks that miz is the wwe champ and suddenly cm punk wins it , also , he thinks that truth is two - faced and well , I dont really want to explain eerything to him cuz i find this really fun
  16. I started watching WWE way before that but RR2009 was the first PPV I ever watched completely.

    I used to like WWE when I was kid because I grew up in a family that liked wrestling, but I started seriously watching in 2002 when HBK returned and stopped watching in 2006 for obvious reasons #cenasucks

    Although I stopped watching in 2006, I started watching again in the 2009 Royal Rumble and believe it or not , I predicted that Randy was winning the match.
  17. Some WCW PPV when I was 3 or 4
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