First Sir Alex, now Scholes!

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Lingstar, May 11, 2013.

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  1. Paul Scholes' confirmed his second retirement today (may have been before today but the first I saw of it was this evening!)

    I know it was bound to happen soon but we only really have Giggs and maybe Ferdinand/Evra left of the old team before it's a completely new era with Moyes.

    Anybody have any players in the United squad they think could step up to the roles of Scholes/Giggs?

    Cleverley is my Scholes choice, as obvious as it may be.
  2. We've already replaced Scholes with Carrick. He's been like a new signing. I think more or less everyone knew Scholes was going to retire this season. Sad to see, but he's contributed so much. He'll get his ovation in the next home game.
  3. I honestly don't see Cleverely reaching Scholes' level and I like the guy. Giggs will go soon still IMO, interested to see what happens with Rooney. Expect Man U to finally pick up Baines too.
  4. I think we could cope without Rooney. Didn't even think of Carrick like a Scholes, I think it's because he's about 100 times calmer but you're right, he's been our heartbeat this season!

    Cleverley could get there I think, depends on who molds him now.
  5. I hate when legends retire in any sport.
  6. i cam honestly see rvp and rio retiring before giggs does he just won't quit
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