First time you got drunk

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Pop Tatari, Jan 11, 2014.

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  1. My first time was when i was 16 and round a friend of a friends and drunk half a bottle of Southern Comfort raw.for a dare. I could hardly stand up lol.
  2. Teenage drunk? 13 at a buddies house we each down like 4 bottles of some lame ass beer and acted drunk because that's how we each expected each other to react. Properly drunk around 15 my then girlfriend had a party since her parents were away ended up drinking some real shit mix and puking in her bedroom, bad times good memories.
  3. 17, decided to smoke first before i got interested in some vodka. My buddies mom got a really dank bottle given to her by some guy she had no interest in so she gave it to us. I went home after puking with socks on my hands so i didnt get dirty hands on anything. Woke up the next day back at 100%, but didnt really drink more than once every few months until i was 19.
  4. I don't get drunk, I just watch others and laugh.
  5. Solid Snake don't play all innocent with me:aries:
  6. I consider drunk to be when you do not remember what happened, if that's agreed then the first time was when i first went crazy and drank a bottle of whisky, unfortunately nothing exciting happened.
  7. 16, bunch of expired beers and a few shots of vodka. Fun ass time though for a first time.
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  8. I was 19 or 20 the first time I got drunk. I was at a party with some friends in college.
  9. I think I was 15 or 16. I'd throw parties every weekend, and tons would show up and get wicked frickin' twisted. I remember not really enjoying the taste, but would drink anyways of course.. I've grown a liking for the taste of alcohol since.
  10. Never have. I'm morally superior to you all. :sandow:

    *fistpumps Farooq*
  11. 15 and I drove home :facepalm:
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  12. 17, I was at a wedding after party for my cousin, there was a bar there and the servers didn't ID people. So, me and a couple of relatives around my age would keep going up there and asking for stuff. For the most part it was a fun night, but there were a couple times were I had to hold back some puke.
  13. I've never had an alcoholic beverage in my entire life.
  14. you cant even buy liquor legally yet :pity2:
  15. But I can buy your momma
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  16. :true: Hey dad, L4D2 bro?
  17. right now
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  18. It was literally like a year from now. I never liked beer and still don't. I was really skeptical because it was at my friend's uncle's house and they were all mexican and they had so much booze and they were letting these fucking 10 year olds drink. I decided to trap myself in my friends car with like 3 beers and after I was done... I puked my way out and my friend took me home lol
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