First Trailer and DVD Cover Art for WWE Studios' Upcoming Movie with Scooby Doo

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. - TV Guide has revealed the first look at WWE's crossover animated film with Scooby Doo that comes out on DVD March 25th, 2014. The movie features the Mystery Inc. team going to WrestleMania, only to discover a ghost beat is trying to sabotage the show. WWE Superstars team up with Mystery Inc. to solve the mystery.

    Here's the trailer and cover art:


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  2. Marking.
  3. Why does HHH have a title? :annoyed:
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  4. Oh god its predicting the future!
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  5. Dat HHH foreshadowing
  6. So why is Sin Cara in this movie? Is it just do add someone for Comedy Relief.....
    RVD Should of been the Comedy Relief, Doing drugs with Shaggy....
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  7. LAME. I'll probably watch it once so I can shit on it. Not a scooby doo fan. Sorry to harsh your mellow guys.
  8. Marking out, i`ve always loved Scooby doo
  9. Even in this movie he's putting himself over hahaha
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  10. Why's AJ in this movie? And Vince? And Sin Cara? AND Brodus Clay?? Yeesh! I'd rather see Taker, Rey Mysterio, Natalya, and The Rock. Yeah; let's take Rock from all those action movies and put him in a Kids movie...haha.
    Also...could you imagine Steve Austin in a kids movie like this? :haha:
  11. For some reason I wanted this to be live action and not animated.
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  12. He did the fucking Grown ups movies. Austin would do a kids film if the money was right.
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  13. ok I'm sorry. I forgot those movies.
  14. Looks like shit.
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  15. Quiet Adam.
  16. I shall not be quiet.
  17. Adam ends up being the ghost bear.
  18. Way to spoil it Stop, god dammit.
  19. The bear is a fricking ginger, dead giveaway.
  20. I'll admit the trailer looks pretty shit, but the movie will be awesome.
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