First WWE '14 Hint!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ericho84, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. My friend just said that he found a site showing 18 overalls from what just might be WWE '14. Here they are:

    Default Superstars
    Ryback: 100 (Yeah right)
    Big Show: 97 (Seriously?)
    John Cena: 97
    Randy Orton: 95
    Triple H: 90 (Are you kidding me?!)
    Undertaker: 88 (F**k this s**t)
    The Miz: 87
    Cody Rhodes: 87
    Zack Ryder: 87 (WAY too high)
    Evan Bourne: 82
    Jack Swagger: 80
    Alex Riley: 79

    Unlockable Superstars
    The Rock: 95
    Ultimate Warrior: 94
    John Morrison: 88
    Sgt. Slaughter: 86 (Come on!)
    Bushwahcker Luke: 81
    Bushwhacker Butch: 79

    Penny for your thoughts?
  2. After I saw you "my friend", I stopped believing.
  3. I told him to "swear on his mother" and he said "I swear on my family."

    If he's lying, he got balls.
  4. [​IMG]

    I'm going to call shenanigans.
  5. Seems legit...
  6. First of all welcome to the site....

    Secondly, I'm just curious, are you going to make a thread about every shit one of your friends is going to tell you?
  7. I LOL'D :lol1:
  8. Instead of bashing him, why not just be polite? It's obviously inaccurate information you have been given.
  9. :sad:

    WY YO CRITICIZE ME? :upset:
  10. To be fair, I don't doubt that Ryback will be highly rated in WWE 14, but no one ever gets 100.
  11. Even if you did have a link we could see these ratings, I highly doubt THQ would put Undertaker 1 point above Zack Ryder. Also there is no way that Ultimate Warrior nor John Morrison will be in next year's game. "Your friend" has a lot of explaining to do to his family.
  12. Doubt it's true as Yuke's won't have started making it yet they don't put that much effort in!!!
  13. Ryback 100 ? Undertaker 88 ? :jeritroll:
  14. Yeah, and now he's saying this:

    Michael Cole - 75
    Christian - 85
    Kane - 90
    Wade Barrett - 90
    Brodus Clay - 85
  15. Christian better be a 90. :aries:
  16. Close this thread
  17. aGREE.
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