Fitness? Sports? What physical activity do you guys partake in?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. I'm a bit of a yo-yo when it comes to physical activity. Most that know me should know that I'm quite physically active but I don't stick to things enough. For example, I can get into bulking up and obsess about it enough to get quite big, but then I can suddenly change my mind once I feel I've "conquered" it or get bored of it and move to fitness. So then I just quit lifting as much and focus more on cardio and stamina. It's annoying because you end up just being average in both categories.

    What activity do you guys do and what level would you say you're at? In terms of sports where I think I'm above average, swimming and boxing are really the only two. Really put the hours into swimming this summer but once the winter arrives (#GameOfThrones) it will just be boxing.

    Come on guys, show off to the group.
  2. For the record @Delik, the speed in which you devour a dominos does not count.
  3. Lol, ninja'd
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  4. Also, asking this site about physical fitness is like asking Delik to sit still while looking at a Dominoes pizza.
  5. I saw the tag alert and I was like what the fuck am I tagged here for? Almost instantly after it dawned on me I'm about to be insulted regarding dominos.

    I'm a good swimmer for the record, I never really get tired unless I'm going for a long time.

    That's about my limit regarding exercise, unless you class sprinting downstairs when the clubs search begins, making the fastest cup of tea known to man then sprinting back upstairs and downing it before the 40 second timer kicks me from the game. At which point I have 18 minutes wait at which point I usually order a dominos.

    Also this is 100% true and not modified in any way for comedic value.
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  6. D
    Dude you can't comment on things you know nothing about. And it's Dominos ffs. Fucking Dominoes...

    Get back to asking why solidus changes his avatars please. Thanks
  7. You posted some shit about Dominos in the Legends section...
  8. #JonaQuotes @Rysenberg

    hahaha marked because it's ashley true.
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  9. You're not a legend though
  10. Still pissing myself over that jonaquote. Holy shit that was funny. I love you man.
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  11. Your point...
  12. Why tag the ralb? Like he'd know anything about going for a long time.

    JonaBombs are flying tonight. It feels good
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  13. hahahahahahaha holy shit
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  14. Rysenburg can't work out for a long time? No shame in that bud.
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  15. You wouldnt know what I post there?

    Also FTR I have no recollection of posting about dominos in the legends section. Why would I put it there and not the locker room.

    You have any clue what he's talkin about Clayo
  16. Was her reaction when he took his boxers off
  17. Stop ruining my thread you donuts.
  18. Agleed. @seabs bbycakes get rid of Tsars nonsense pls and ty
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  19. Walking, and masturbating are the only two exercises that I engage in often. I must say that I'm pretty damn good in both of those regards.

    And yeah, any person who's off topic past this post will be banned from the thread.
  20. FYI, Rysenburg has a perfectly averaged size dick.
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