Five changes for Smackdown. What do you want ?!

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by fjsilvia, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. this is going to be hard..
    1. John Cena drafted back to smackdown! Cm Punk :yes:
    2. Ziggler becomes the new world champion. Ziggler and Cena feud!
    3. Pay Brock Lesner millions and sign him for smackdown NOT RAW. Lesnar and Randy feud
    4. Fire Bigshow. Nobody really cares!:finger:
    5. Eric Bischoff as the GM:boss1:
  2. 1) To go live.
    2) To get every SmackDown superstar away from RAW, have it exclusive and separate again.
    3) Draft picks, it needs fresh talent.
    4) A complete make over. New theme, new look.
    5) Original storylines which could main event PPV's.
    Paul Heyman as GM
    More young talent
    More feuds
    Keep Cena away unless he's going to put over young talent
  4. 1) Return to the old set they had. (Picture Included)
    Show Spoiler

    2) Take all Smackdown Superstars off Raw! Thus creating a brand split and also bringing back the bragging rights PPV.

    3) With the brands split, Draft some new talent, keep things fresh.

    4) Create good storylines.

    5) Bring back the cruiserweight title.
  5. Live.
    No recaps.
    Completely separate from Raw.
    Get Vince away from it.
    Storylines that seem relevant when compared to the Raw ones.