Five very European maneuvers for Antonio Cesaro

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  1. Five very European maneuvers for Antonio Cesaro


    If there’s one thing we can appreciate about United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, it’s that he doesn’t hold back. In the months since his attention-grabbing WWE debut, the sensation from Switzerland has mercilessly broken hearts (our condolences, Aksana) and bruised bodies, all the while extolling the virtues of his European heritage in no less than five languages.

    The most powerful weapon in Cesaro’s arsenal — besides his multi-lingual contempt for the American culture — is a brutal inverted slam he calls the Neutralizer. Though named for his Swiss homeland’s longstanding history of military neutrality, Cesaro’s Neutralizer is an act of pure aggression that has leveled opponents of all shapes and sizes. He has also utilized an uppercut that’s so European, its force can only be measured by using the metric system.

    Cesaro’s Neutralizer and impactful European uppercut are serving him well — he’s the United States Champion, after all — but what other maneuvers of European descent would benefit the chiseled champion? examines five moves that Cesaro could master to continue his quest for European supremacy.

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