Five X Division Wrestlers You Want In TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Mystical George, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. With Destination X coming up and the possibility of seeing new or old X Division wrestlers competing in the Impact Zone, who would you like to see in the current X Division? I'll go first :

    1. Willie Mack. Can fit in pretty much anywhere on the card and have a good match. Would be a good gold challenger for the X Division or could team up with EY or someone else to add to their tag division if needed.

    2. AR Fox. His "past" will stop him from ever getting a WWE contract and the guy is money. His wrestling style is amazing to watch and his spots are out of this world. There's a lot of money to be made in AR Fox and he could certainly become the new face of the X Division.

    3. Andrew Everett. Wrestles a ridiculously fast paced style which is a joy to watch and his double moonsault finisher is a thing of beauty. He lacks the build to become champion, but would serve well for getting guys over or being a gatekeeper because of his selling and charisma.

    4. Uhaa Nation. He would add the physical aspect to the X Division that it's been missing since Joe left the division. As well as a hard hitter, he's ridiculously athletic and can wrestle any type of match. Plus, the guy is fucking ripped.

    5. Zack Sabre Jnr. Another extremely talented wrestler that can work both as a high flier or mat wrestler, would also help TNA out with the UK demographic.
  2. Liking the shout outs for Uhaa and Willie. But the current "weight limit" would keep them out of the X division :sad:

    my personal picks:

    1. Jigsaw/Rubix. Talented luchador trained by the Quack. And he wants to be in TNA which is a plus.

    2. AR Fox. His gay porn past will keep him out of WWE and if he survives this year without breaking his neck he would be a nice TNA fit.

    3. Noam Dar. Already on their radar and he works a good style for TNA.

    4. Roderick Strong. Solid worker. Not sure if he would make it in WWE but he would work well in TNA.

    5. Rich Swann. Charismatic high flyer.
  3. What? TNA isn't there anymore.... And Willie Mack is like 300 pounder, therefore he cannot compete in the X Division since there's a 230lbs weight limit.

    Anyway, my five:

    - Ricochet
    - Jigsaw (or Rubix in TNA)
    - Tony Nese
    - Jack Evans
    - Zack Sabre Jr.

  4. I thought they cut the weight limit when Joe challenged Aries for the belt? The weight limit is so fucking pointless! Haha!

    I would definitely dig seeing Dar on Impact, he's improved a shit load over last year or so. Hopefully, they're restocking OVW and I'd imagine that him among Sabre and others would be swooped up. I wouldn't mind seeing Roddy in TNA just because he's so fucking stale in ROH atm and has been since he lost the TV title. A change of scenery might do him good.

    As for Swann, I'm pretty sure that he's set his sights on the WWE. He's 21 and already made a name for himself so I'd think that he's holding out for a WWE contract.

  5. I just refer to it as the Impact Zone regardless of where they're at. Also, Samoa Joe is way over 230 and faced Aries for the belt at Slammiversary 2012.
  6. 2. Gay porn wtf?

    3. Really on their radar?
  7. They reinstated the weight limit when they went on the road, and all matches must be triple threats.

    Isn't TNA's relationship with OVW shaky right now?
  8. AR Fox did a gay porno, but it was from behind and he was wearing a blindfold so it's not gay.
  9. Swann did hardcore gay porn when he got out of jail to make some extra money.

    Dar was part of some gut check try outs during their last UK tour and AJ is reported to be pushing for them to sign him.

  10. Ugh, that's horseshit.

    As for OVW, Ryan Howe who was on the last Gutcheck is from OVW, Rockstar Spud's still there and Jessie Godderz is still being trained there. Even if it is rocky (which I was unaware of) there's obviously still a connection between them.
  11. Gay porn.... WHY?!?!? :dawg:

  12. So that crowds could chant GayR Fox of course. Need to get to a CZW show (he's a regular) and start that chant. That crowd would eat it up.
  13. I mean, he's a good highflyer and all (who does shitty suicide dive btw), but gay porn is just ugh. Porn is ok, but not gay one IMO (and I apologize to all the gays and Chavo Guerrero out there).
  14. The story goes that he was convinced to do a regular porn with a girl. They locked them in a room, put Fox in a chair and put a blindfold on him and the girl started blowing him. Then a dude showed up and they did the switcharoo. And once they removed the blindfold they were already into the anal and Fox just went with it.
  15. lmfao legit lol :burns:
  16. As if you wouldn't think halfway during - "Damn! This girl got one hairy ass!"
  17. AR Fox is beloved in CZW. If you started a "Gay R Fox" chant they'd boo the shit out of you until security came to kick you out. Fox was supposed to go on tour to Japan with DGUSA, but they scrapped it when they found out about the gay porn.
  18. I would like to see...

    1. Will Osprey - He is an amazing high flyer and a genuine nice lad, with bags of potential.
    2. Noam Darr - Really Technical and always got a few tricks up his sleeve.
    3. Ricochet - Just has the best name internationally for high flying.
    4. Marty Scurll - Amazing wrestler, already been with TNA for the first bootcamp.
    5. Zack Sabre Jr - The best technical wrestler ever and this guy in a Ladder match is epic.
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