Fixing the Celtic Warrior

Discussion in 'RAW' started by seabs, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Wait is his pale ass on Smackdown or Raw? Meh who cares let's go.

    Now I'm expecting some hate for this but I honestly do see potential in this kid to be a valuable asset for the WWE, his look is distinguishable and he has proven he can have good matches with the correct opponents, whether that's the exquisite skill of Daniel Bryan or the brute force of The Big Show. He's lacking on the mic and has been criticized for being too stiff but as a puro fan I kind of dig that aspect.

    Anyway let's break it down.

    In Ring.


    Has shown good agility at times
    Sells intensity well
    A strong stiff moveset
    A shock factor finisher (brogue kick) and a strength based holy shit move he can hit on big guys (white noise)


    Struggles with guys his size
    Selective selling
    Gases easily


    It's easy select his opponents well, you either want to structure a match where he dominates or is dominated, as he showed with Bryan give him someone to throw around and he's enjoyable or have someone like Show who'll destroy him, he's shown he's not afraid of risky bumps such as being thrown over the table vs Show also. He isn't someone you want to give a back and forth match. It's limited but with the correct opponent works well, also put him on extra work to improve his stamina, he's lazy currently but when motivated has a willing ethic, very similar to another superface in John Cena during that regard.



    Has a funny accent


    Sounds like an idiot with said accent
    Jokes suck dong


    Keep his mic segments short and to the point, he's got decent charisma as shown during his initial face turn but the stories blew.


    There aren't any pro's or cons for this it's simple, his gimmick is horrible, you have a muscular Irish man so what do you do? You make him go to the pub and love fighting, fuck that. He shouldn't be this smiling buffoon, I've seen his work in IWW and he's sculptured a character from his ancestry, it was his work so he adapted it to him and you know what? It worked, he became the SOS character. Sheamus O'Shaunessy was a warrior risen from the Irish folklore he should maintain that role, let him be stiff in ring and rough people up, don't let him cut hideous joke riddled promos and the character could catch fire and is a marketer's dream. He has the aura of a vicious character who loves to fight and even if he doesn't go beyond his upper midcard spot currently it's worth the shot to allow him to improve.
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  2. Simple solution.

    Storyline: Put him on a MASSIVE losing streak. Suddenly he snaps, walks out, disappears for a couple of months and comes back as a BEAST. Doesn't talk, comes in the ring, kicks ass and leaves.

  3. He just isn't as good as a face as he was as a heel, his Heel character was zillions of times more interesting than this one. And what's worse is that they are trying to make him a newer version Super Cena, which will only make him even more stale.

    He needs to turn heel and talk less, since his mic skills is terrible. That's the simplest solution imo.
  4. Solution: tanning bed, black hair dye, muzzle, 4 month long wrestling training from DB, followed by 6 month promo training from Jericho.
  5. He's been a face the majority of his career though, his heel run always seemed incredibly forced imo.

    You'd be hilarious in another time I'm sure.
  6. He debuted as heel around the Summer of 2009, stayed as a heel until about late 2011, so he hasn't been a face the majority of his career.
    And I definitely found his Heel character a lot more interesting than this stupid smiley babyface character he has now.
  7. Lol that's his WWE career, you do know he's been wrestling since 05 right? He was a face throughout the majority of that run, at one point he was the superhero of IWW. His heel character was dull IMO also, he showed nothing much in ring and was damaged goods by picking up the strap before getting a shot at establishing himself.
  8. The scripts this guy are getting are absolutely atrocious, and his babyface moveset is mostly silly outside of his finishers, and the super-booking and over exposure of Sheamus probably makes us dislike the guy way more than we should.

    Much like with Chris Hero, I wonder how many of his problems are WWE-caused and not so much on him.
  9. I'd say it's a blend he's not DBing it up and turning chicken shit into salad but they've completely ruined his motivation, both he and Hero need a serious kick up the arse to get moving again.
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  10. Gimmick Pro: Makes WWE a lot of money and works with kids since he's a face.
  11. I don't watch anything except WWE. :upset:
  12. He doesn't really draw though lol.
  13. Ah no worries, yeah he was in a British promotion called Irish Whip Wrestling with Drew McIntyre for around 4 years I think.


    Pretty 'orrible match Imo but what evs.
  14. How do you find the time to watch everything? lol :shock:
  15. Built up knowledge over the years lol


    Random promo I just found in the recommended.
  16. LOL I can't even find time to watch RAW live :sad: , Sheamus in that promo...:lol1:
  17. I rarely watch Raw or SD when it's on, usually torrenting and skipping the majority, skip a fair few WWE PPVs and Impacts / PPVs also lol, plus I cycle companies mainly I'm watching PWG supercards and NJPW PPV cards so it's not like it takes up too much time lol.

    Agreed he spoilt it with that dumbass laugh and catchphrase at the end but the premise on it was good IMO, the sword / warrior thing fits him if they'd keep the goofiness down.
  18. It's WWE's fault, for trying to get him into their mold. He's a face? OK, he wins everything, smiles and jokes. He can't do those things in an entertaining way, so he sucks. Another example of a guy who had a good character he built based on his personality but WWE got him into the mold.
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  19. No one in WWE draws accept part-timers.
  20. Mark Henry draws like it's nobody's buisness. Daniel Bryan is an okay draw. Cena obviously draws. Neither of those are part timers.
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