Flair leaves fans hangin'

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by the_hoff, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. Ric Flair Reportedly Bails on Meet-and-Greet

    Thanks to WZ reader Anthony for sending this in:

    Yesterday Ric Flair was scheduled for an "after party event" at the old Havana cigar shop in Rome, GA from 10pm to 1am. The tickets for the event cost $50. You figured you would be able to get autographs and pictures. That didn't happen. He arrived one hour late to watch sports at a bar, stayed for 46 minutes and then left. Apparently he got into an argument with a promoter about wanting more money or he would leave. He didn't say good bye or anything. Just took off. There were at least 40 people there wanting to meet him and got nothing.


    Wooooooooo, good to see The Nature Boy still stylin' n' profilin', living by Flair's rules, and doesn't take any shit. Not from anyone! In all seriousness, The Hoff thinks that's pretty damn unprofessional. Your's truly, would never do such a thing. Really sucks being a Flair fan at times. Price ya gotta pay. :upset:
  2. Damn, feel bad for those people who paid but didn't get to meet him. I hope they get a cancellation, if not. Sucks for them :dawg:
  3. That's the price you gotta pay to get within reaching distance of space mountain. Not everyone gets a ride :woo1:
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  4. Well, that sucks. But he's known for this sort of stuff anyway, so I guess they should've seen it coming. Still, they deserve refunds for sure.
  5. Yet more proof that Flair is an unprofessional bastard. What else is new?
  7. Unprofessional? Maybe so. Doin' what he wants, whenever the fuck he wants? Bet your ass. Hmmm, The Hoff had the greatest idea EVER. Hoff and Flair, form a tag team. The greatest tag team the world has seen. Bad for The Hoff's image? Who gives a fuck? NO. No no, a thousand times over, no Hoff. That would damage what little good reputation you've got left. Such a dumb idea. Dumb? You're dumb kid. Quit hasslin' the Hoff, sister.
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