Flappy Bird

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jan 30, 2014.

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  1. How many of you play it, and what's your high score?

    This is mine:

  2. You must be bored, no? :haha:
  3. I play it really any time I'm bored. Taking a shit, during lunch, watching a shitty show. Highest score is 36.
  4. Downloading now.
  5. I'm at 7 so far for my highest :okay:
  6. My friend got 157. She makes fun of me all the time because my high is 13 :sad:
  7. saw 85% of my college bus playing it yesterday, so I got it, played it 5 times, got to level 8, got bored of it, stopped playing.

    I personally don't find it addictive, if I want to kill time, I'll play Tetris!
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  8. Downloaded it....Played a few times then got bored over the span of 10 minutes....
    High Score: 5...

    I just got bored. Saw a Bunch of people playing it in school today.....Thought "Fuck that, I've got my 3DS in my bag..".....
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  9. I must have given it about a hundred tries, my highscore is 7. I have a ridiculously short temper so my phone has been flung about the room in rage quite a bit in that time.
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  10. The only game I play on my phone is Family Feud. I'll download this and tell you my score in a second.
  11. I hate this game. I got 9
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  12. looks like a shitty remake of a shitty flash game with a shitty bird to appeal to the shitty angry birds fans on those shitty mobile cell phones
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  13. #skinnyjeans
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  14. I suck my best is 9 but its damn addictive ffs.
  15. Stuck at 17 this bird over sells everything, what a jobber!
  16. my sister was all about this. she's 12.

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  17. Don't exactly own a cellphone but one of my friends is pretty addicted to it and he let me try it out the the other day and it's very meh. My high score is 1, I really didn't care to get past that. I suppose I can understand why people would be addicted to it but personally there are so much better alternatives for gaming on the go (or on the toilet, or wherever you play it).
  18. 48 but damn you Crayo this game is addictive. Seriously I know theres better in the world but I cant put it down.
  19. Up to 25 then I have a spasm and fuck up.
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