Flash or Trash

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roach, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. What we simply do is answer whether you think the superstar posted above you is flash or trash. Let's play.

    Kofi Kingston?
  2. Define Flash and/or Trash?
  3. Flash = Good
    Trash = Bad
  4. OH!

    Kofi Kingston = Flash

    Josh Matthews?
  5. Don't know what he was like when he wrestled... flash?

    Brodus Clay?
  6. hmmmm. Flashy trash.

    CM Punk?
  7. Flash

    Alex Riley?
  8. You mean Alex Riley or Zack Ryder?
    But flash anyway
    David Otunga?
  9. Yeah my bad. Made a typo...

    Flash... I like him.

    Triple H?
  10. Hmm
    Frash good in ring but mic segments are so damn boring
  11. Flash

    Michael Cole
  12. Flash.. good commentator.

    Jim Ross
  13. Better comentator flash
  14. Flash I think... he is funny on the mic but thats about it.

    Jerry Lawler?
  15. TRASH!!


    Dean Ambrose <3
  16. Flash!

    Heath Slater
  17. FLASH! He will be huge
    Jack Swagger


    Damn too late again :cry:
  18. Flash. Good on mic

    Shawn Michaels
  19. Flash, he can get anyone over
    Tyler Reks?
  20. Flash, epic tag-team.

    Curt Hawkins?
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