Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Just Kevin, Aug 10, 2014.

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  1. What kind of farter are you?


    Flatulence is something that some people frown upon.

    Why does society have such a bleak outlook on a natural occurrence?

    What are your opinions on farting? Do you just let loose or are you a silent assassin?

    (Figured I'd try to make the lowest quality thread possible)
  2. there should be a ban of women farting

    my ex once let one rip in front of me, what is that all about
  3. These threads are really turning to shit...
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  4. So, was my goal of making the lowest quality thread obtained?
  5. Don't really mind it for the most part, although people shouldn't do it near other people while they're eating, it's obviously going to put them off. I flatuence is better to avoid if the choice is between doing it a lot of not a lot, so people should at least try to ensure their diet limits the frequency of it.
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  6. I'd let her fart on me......what? That's not the point of the thread? :okay:
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  7. kinky cosplay
  8. Nope. You see when people have sexual relations, usually they are naked. You'll get there one day kid. Most eleven year olds don't have experience with the opposite sex.
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  9. Potato chips make me fart sometimes.
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  10. I farted a lot when in gym class.
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  11. 29 not 11 lad
  12. [​IMG]
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  13. What is it about eggs and their link to flatulence? Does anyone else have that problem? Also, eggs cause the smelliest farts possible.
  14. They don't make me fart too much, but they do make 'em reek.
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  15. Corn. it's almost as if, instead of digesting my body just releases it all in gas form at random intervals .
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  16. I'm that guy that times my cough to synchronize with my farts to cover it up. It works 80% of the time, and then I blame it on someone else.
    Dick move, I know.
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  17. Mission accomplished. :4/10:
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  18. Everyone surprised raise your hand. No one? No?
    Your threads are so HQ, we just need more Jono HQ LR Threads.

    I dont think you can categorize the shit. If i'm at a bar or in public, 0 farts unless its a piss trip to the bathroom. At home? I fart when I want, where I want. At work? Same deal, i'm outside and most of mine are barely anything.

    The dudes with the shart issues and shit is my beef, i dont need you to push it out for a cheap laugh when we are 3 feet away and i'm eating. Girls? Barely anything, but i laugh to see them push it out and no sound happens, the whole room just stinks for what seems like an eternity.
  19. surprised about what lad
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