floyd mayweather's next opponant

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  1. mayweather will face canelo alvarez in september at light middleweight confirmed

    I'm really excited for this i didn't think he'd take it tbh im going for mayweather by a close decision canelo will have at least a 20lb advantage
  2. Mayweather by understated, unappreciated domination.
  3. You really think it will be that easy? I see it being his toughest fight yet
  4. Bigger guy just = even bigger speed advantage for Floyd. He will pick him apart and not take any shots
  5. Their match is finally happening. Sucks for Alvarez, Mayeweathers got speed advantage. What is Alvarez, like 160-170?
  6. Apparently he's 154. I swore he gained weight.
  7. yes he weighs in 154 then bulks up to 170
  8. ^That

    he is a master of weight cutting. He will outweigh Floyd by 20+ on fight night I would imagine. Floyd may have some struggles with his jab, but he won't take any power shots or big combinations from the guy. I'll venture to guess it will be 8 rounds to 4 or 9 rounds to 3 for Floyd.
  9. Oh boy it's Canelo, right now not sure if the kid is ready to get that big money deal yet.He's what 23 or so, I think Mayweather's experience will win the end, either way it only helps Canelo's career down the road.Problem is I don't want Canelo to be the Vargas of 2013, everyone remember Fernado Vargas? He took on Tito Trinidad and Oscar Del La Hoya, young with potential and loss to the both of them.He was never the same.
  10. He may be young in age but he has a lot of fights and names under his belt more than ready imo plus he's coming of a big win in beating trout however i still see a mayweather win like he says there is no bluprint

  11. Yeah Trout is a great win, but Maywather has beaten far known and better fighters, hall of famers in the sport.Even though I want Canelo to win, it's going to be real hard for him to out box Mayweather.
  12. Both Alvarez and Mayweather are undefeated. I will watch this fight. Mayweather will win though.
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