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  2. Didn't watch, presume this is the "they add fluoride to water to reduce people's IQ so they stop asking so many questions" theory?
  3. Well to be fair, he does make good argument points.
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  4. Everything stated in the video is backed by research and science jono. The UK doesn't use much fluoride anymore in their water... The US does... And It is obvious we are one of the dumbest countries in the world by just comparing IQ averages.
  5. How could you judge this as bullshit if you didn't watch it lol?
  6. ''Conspiracy'' or not, this and lots of other stuff is fucked. Don't see why people would willingly dismiss it.
  7. who drinks tap water anyhow? fucking plebes
  8. Its in bottled water and drinking water too... Although I am curious, where did plebs come from? Heard it before
  9. well its not in my bottled water. I checked the active ingredients
  10. Your IQ average is spread across one of the largest countries on the planet. I wouldn't really look much into them if it's telling you that 1/100 US citizens are smart, and 4/10 jobber country with hardly any people on it are smart. America would still have more smart people.

    Do I believe in this theory? Nope.
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  11. Alex Jones frowns at you being such a sheep

  12. fuck up Alex Jones you judgemental dickwad.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. I remember seeing him on Piers Morgan's show (think it was him, is he the radio guy?). I think Piers owned him, but you have to admit, Alex delivers his points well enough to brainwash some fools.
  15. Yea he's charismatic. My roommate used to watch him for the comedy element
  16. Your room mate sounds like a swell guy.
  17. Not really he moved to LA and bailed on me so now I'm stuck searching for a roommate in December when everyone has leases running through summer.
  18. Well my judge of character is obviously diminishing. I'd rent with you baby. We could rant about DZ's card positioning and GSP's wrestle-fucking all day while eating nachos and other American food while I continuously mock you for how you pronounce "hamburger". Then you can antagonise me and call football "soccer" while slowly becoming a Manchester United fan, but eventually loathe how I think I'm a football know-it-all and start to provoke needless arguments. Then one day you cheer for Liverpool and say Ambrose belongs in the mid card which sends me over the edge and I beat yo' jobber ass up and discourage you on the site before moving in with Gohan down south or wherever the fuck that noob is from.

    Maybe it's not a good idea. It's 2:06am ffs and I spent like 5 minutes on this post.
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  19. dude get on a plane and the rooms yours. rents pretty cheap
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    How much? Where you live? Got pics of the room? I'm surprisingly tempted. You'd be a shoe-out for staff then as well.