Kayfabe FoF, Amazing H vs. Ty Creed: Ending of the Match

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  1. *After a hard fought battle on top of the ladder, Ty Creed slips up and ends up getting hit with a jaw-dropping ladder BWS, planting him hard on the mat. H then takes a few seconds to recover before re-adjusting the ladder directly below the briefcase. As H climbs, slowly making his way up, the crowd begins to go crazy with boos.
    Within seconds, Des Pierson is behind H, grabbing his foot just as H was about to grab the briefcase. H kicks Des in the head a few times, eventually causing him to release his grip. H once again reaches up for the briefcase, but this time Des climbs the ladder behind him, getting in the position to Russian Leg Sweep H off. At this point, H elbows Des in the jaw a few times, but it doesn't knock Des off. Instead, Des quickly goes for the Russian Leg Sweep, but H holds on, forcing Des to fall flat on his back in pain.
    At this point, H is sitting at the top of the ladder, looking back and forth between the briefcase and Des. "No!" and "Yes!" chants can be heard from the crowd as H raises his two index fingers in the air. Then, in a daring maneuver, H leaps from the ladder, going for a massive elbow. Des, however, was able to roll out of the way, causing H to come down hard on his right elbow, grasping it in pain almost immediately after hitting the mat.
    Des, who is now rising to his feet in the corner, sets his sights on Amazing H. Des grabs the rope with his left had as H makes his way to a knee. Des then releases his grip and charges at H, nailing him hard in the side of the head with Skull Piersing, causing him to collapse to the mat nearly unconscious. The crowd then erupts into boos as Des stands over an incapacitated H. Meanwhile, as all of this was going down, Ty Creed has somewhat recovered from the BWS and is now making his way up the ladder, to which the crowd is now booing even more. Ty is then able to pull the briefcase off of the hook, thus winning a Briefcase #2 as Des Pierson exits the ring and backs his way up the ramp.
    As Ty celebrates his victory in the ring, the camera focuses on H struggling to get up on his hands in knees, the whole time glaring up the ramp at Des, who just grins back. The last scene we see before turning over to the commentary table is Ty sitting on top of the ladder, holding the briefcase high above his head with both hands*

    Honorable Mentions: @SupaHeeroh @Ellis Sullivan