Foley comments on his speech not being on TV

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. It would be great if they chanted we want Foley during Trump's speech.
  3. :true:
  4. Oh, we want foley. Fingers crossed it's a good, smart crowd and we get our chant.
  5. I'm not against Trump being inducted and from a business standpoint it probably makes sense (Donald draws more interest than Mick although I doubt the HOF has much interest in it anyway) but Mick in his home town deserves this moment to be shown on TV, it's just a nice touch.
  6. Foley chants whilst Trump is on would be awesome.
  7. Haha, nice. Hoping to get those chants. Poor Foley. Glad to see him speaking up about this. It really is a shame and makes no sense why they won't air his on TV. Morons at WWE, I swear.
  8. Yeah there's no way trump should be on TV and Foley isn't. I mean the guy threw himself from a damn hell in a cell for the company. Trump does have good ties with WWE for hosting two manias and being involved later on, but not as nearly enough as Foley.
  9. Would suck if Foley was out.
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