News Foley Jr blasts Triple-H. Calls him a midcarder

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. Get'em baby Foley:dawg:
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  2. :mog: :haha: Foley Jr. called HHH a wha? This is time....for the special :damn:

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  4. Is this like TNA, where everything is a work?
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  5. The statement is factually false. His father is not Vince McMahon, and he didn't plaster his seeman all over the boss's daughter. Therefore, HHH was a main-eventer even without foley.
  6. That young man is using too much foul language. Where is the parenting?!?!?
  7. this is news?
  8. Dewey is alot older since the Mankind days, guys.
  9. Bet you whispered damn. :lol1:
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  10. This kid is awesome, and I agree with everything he said. (If he's not actually a kid, well damn. It sounds like he is.)
  11. This. A retired pro wrestler's kid tweeted something bad about the head of WWE. I have no problems with him personally, but this isn't really all that big of a deal.

    If the kid had gone into wrestling and was working in the company (or for TNA, for that matter), this might mean more.

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    I guess people care because they've heard the name "Dewey" from the Cain Dewey angle and probably remember seeing him on beyond the mat, but really, who cares what the little shit has to say? He just sounds like the rest of the DB marks lol.
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  13. Foley did help give Triple H the main event rub back in the day but it's nonsensical to act like Triple H wasn't gonna become a top star anyway. Foley didn't 'make' Triple H, he just happened to be the guy putting him over huge when Triple H was finally starting to be seen by everyone as a top guy.

    Pretty silly for him to put all the blame on Triple H, too. McMahon is still the boss in charge of everything. He sounds like a mark when he criticizes only Triple H because it almost sounds like he's talking primarily about his on-screen character.
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  14. I don't agree with everything, but a big part of it I do. Let's be honest, Triple H's feud with Foley is what really made the game the game. Another thing, as long as the WWE continues to let guys come in and steal the spolight from the real wrestlers that bust their asses for the company day in and day out. The longer its going to take for them to reach the next successful era of wrestling. I remember during the Attitude Era, whenever the Royal Rumble, or WrestleMania came around you never needed to bring back past talent to score ratings or gain more viewers. What the WWE had then vs. what it has no was NO SHOVELS! Meaning nobody got BURIED! And because of that, talent developed, wrestlers and their gimmicks grew onto fans and you learned to love the wrestler and everything about its character. As long as they continue to run things the way theyre the more theyll need guys like: Y2J, RVD, Lesnar, Batista (which is now a total fail of a return) and Rock to keep the fans interested. They need to let ALL these superstars get out and give it all they got without shadowing them the next day. The day that happens is the day a WWE PPV match card will include no outside help from the past and still be successful.

    On another note, The Rock and Lesnar for me was the only huge respectable profits. When Rock came back he brought WWE higher views, and ratings gave younger talent a chance to shine in front of HUGE Crowds. I for one started watching wrestling in 99'-04' then started watching as soon as I heard rock was back at WM26 and I know Im not the only one. Since then ive learn to appreciate guys like DB, Punk, Ziggler and even younger talent such as the Usos. This Batista thing on the other hand makes no sense he legit stole 30 hard working athletes shine to become NOT ONE, BUT A TWO TIME ROYAL RUMBLE WINNER! For a main event nobody will have any interest in
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  16. Triple H vs. Mick Foley @ Mania 31.
    Royal Rumble 2015: Mick Foley comes out and calls Triple H a piece of shit for not putting D-Bry in the Rumble last year. Triple H comes out of nowhere and beats him down with the shovel. Triple H stands over Foley and points his shovel at the Wrestlemania 31 sign like a badass.
  17. too long bro, that is too much bs to prove a point.

  18. because ATTITUDE ERA
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  19. you win this battle.

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