Foley & other legends will be at SmackDown.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. Never knew it was an Old School SmackDown, this is epic.

    Btw, I guarantee you Dean Ambrose will debut. Him & Foley been going at it on Twitter, had that confrontation last week too. He'll be there. Can't wait.
  2. Yeah I think he will, Paul said they have taken the time to actually help debut these guys big so then they don't end up being released in later years. Can't wait. But whats the point of all the legends being there? I dunno.


    Probably to announce the legends house show.
  3. Piper is going to drop a great promo if given time.
  4. Sounds good. Better be a good SD.
  5. I would fucking mark for a Piper's pit involving Bryan, don't know why just think it would be awesome :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  6. Id mark for a Bryan one with AJ or Jericho and Punk in the pit sadly it probably will be just for the legends house.
  7. Jericho and Punk would be emence, three of the best mic workers in the WWE all in one ring.

    Would've marked so hard if they did that in Miami with that crowd..
  8. It's apparently an "Old School" themed SmackDown. Foley will come out and honour them and stuff. Hopefully Ambrose interferes and cuts a promo of a lifetime like we know he can.

    Oh god he's still one of the best mic workers in WWE.

  9. I hope they give the fans a good show
  10. I just want a good entertaining live SmackDown, hoping to see Christian show up tonight.
  11. Turns out seeing the legends sucked imo.

    Wish the show was like "old school RAW".
  12. Not to mention your guarantee flopped.

    :upset: Crayo lied to us :upset:
  13. What was my guarantee lol? You said Sheamus would be different but he apologised like a girl :upset:
  14. As far as Sheamus, it seemed like they were trying to give him an edge. I said that only time would tell if he was going to get a tweak to his character or not, and I'll still take the wait and see approach. Ace was treating him like a bitch, so if I had to guess I would venture to speculate that Ace will continue pushing Fella's buttons until he snaps and whoops Ace's ass.
  15. Oh yeah, well, he should have.

    At least we know now his feud with Foley is 100% a work (as if anyone didn't know already) and will eventually get TV time. Not a bad opening feud for a FCW guy, a feud with one of the GOAT's.
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