Foley wanted to commentate on HIAC.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Interesting read there. I would have loved that.
  2. I hope that bump is for Ambrose.
  3. Hmm, this is interesting. Guess he'll be at next years WM?
  4. Ambrose going over Foley in a HC match.
  5. Uhh Ambrose? You serious? Please let it be Ziggler.
  6. I wouldn't mind Ziggler doing that to be honest. Actually, looking at this it'd actually be great for Zigglers career and would be a great highlight for years to come. I think Ziggler vs Mick Foley wouldn't be a bad idea. I remember the rumors a while back that it was supposed to happen at this WM 28 to happen however it never happened. So, it could be a possibility.
  7. Yeah we're serious as most people who've seen him speak know he's the real deal.
  8. Just Google'd the guy. Not really serious to me, I shall watch his confrontation with Foley tomorrow.


    This ^. I'd love it too, just like the matches he had with Orton and Edge, really put them over. Too bad it won't be a match like that. :emoji_slight_frown:
  9. Watch the promos I posted in my ambrose thread... he's one of the best mic workers in WWE.
  10. I would have been far to excited if Foley and JR had commentated on the HIAC match would've been more interested in the calls and those two than the actual match.

    And I do hope Mick is at WM next year would be epic.
  11. Mick Foley is uber nice and anyone who wrestles him is better 4 it. Oh and their careers tend 2 skyrocket is as well.
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