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  1. Will Foley ever get inducted into the HOF did he do enough in his WWE tenure with only a two-time reign to do so?

    Imo yes but I'm a Foley mark.

    But the guy gave heart and soul for the company despite not always agreeing with decisions.

    He took arguably the greatest bumps in WWE history in HIAC twice and in one match it was two bumps. The only other bump you could argue as being close was Rikishi at HIAC again my opinion I agree Shane took some epic bumps but Foleys HIAC bumps were epic.

    Plus after Funk he was the hardcore legend without a doubt

    His promos were epic he is loved by fans worldwide.

    He seems one of the nicest ppl in the world who just loved what he did thanks to ppl like Superfly so will it happen?

    Will it happen?
  2. Will when will Randy Savage get in? Ur gress is as good as my!
  3. Of course he should he was a huge babyface as Mankind, plus his runs in ECW and WCW which falls under the WWE umbrella had moments of legend.
  4. He'll definitely be in the HOF. No need to worry Cloud :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. LOLS not worried just thought it's a interresting topic as he's not always someone who gets mentioned with the greats.As titles were never the important thing for him character wise he just put on however some of the greatest matches of all time and as I say took three of the greatest bumps in history. And as Cena does now lived and died for wrestling.
  6. Hope it will happen soon!
  7. Agreed Jose as for me when I was younger he was the reason I was into wrestling and I remember after KOTR 96 I wouldn't shut up about the match for weeks and days and kept re watching those bumps he took they had me in awe that someone could and would do that as entertainment for me and even though I was aware a lot of WWE was fake I knew that those bumps still hurt no matter how hard u tried for them not to as it's still basically falling however many feet off a cage.

    Plus with his autobiographies and everything I've read or seen bout him he lived breathed and worked for his dream and loved, loves every minute of it and seems to be one of the nicest ppl in the world and I think could challenge Cena and Miz for the title of hardest working man in the WWE.
  8. A Hall of Fame without Foley is no Hall of Fame at all.
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