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Moments after pinning Jack Rogue, Will Neilson gets to his feet and the referee passes him both the World Heavyweight and Precision Championships, a smile on his face and the crowd cheering loudly. Neilson throws both titles over his shoulder and goes to leave the ring, but he stops and looks back at Jack Rogue, who is now seated in the far corner of the ring. Will goes over to him and extends a hand out, Rogue accepts it and Will raises his arm up high to more loud cheers from the crowd, Jack looks over at both titles and knocks on the Precision Championship, a title that he held for over 2 months. Rogue says to Will, “You deserve it.” and slides under the bottom rope, walking up the ramp and to the top. The crowd and Will applaud Jack Rogue as he goes to leave but then…

The winner of the golden opportunity invitational walks from backstage, he walks past Jack Rogue and goes straight to the ring, eyeing down the new Unified World Heavyweight Championship. Yuri climbs into the ring and looks at both titles that Will has, Neilson raises both of them in the air and Black looks up at them, realising what is at stake when Money in the Bank rolls around.

“Apologies for interrupting.”

The general manager of Precision walks out to a loud reception, he shakes Jack Rogue’s hand, who is still at the top of the ramp and looks at both Will Neilson and Yuri Black in the ring.

“Firstly, congratulations to our new Unified World Champion in Will Neilson, both you and Jack over here put on a contest of epic proportions. Secondly, the Golden Opportunity Invitational winner, Yuri Black, you may think that you have that World Championship match at Money in the Bank in the bag… but that isn't the case. In the article, it said that more details would be revealed and right now, I'm going to reveal those details. In the new Precision, we give opportunities to everyone on the roster, so I gave an option to one of our champions. If they wanted to, they could vacate their very title in order to face the Golden Opportunity Invitational winner, for the true number one contender spot for that world title, and that's exactly what they've done. I'll tell you this though, as you've proven yourself here tonight, even in loss you will still earn a great opportunity that will be decided by myself later on. On the next episode of Precision, in the main event, you Yuri Black will go one on one with this man…"

Out walks Spencer Hyde! He limps down the ramp with the Survival Championship in his hand, the stains of dried up blood rest on his face and chest, staining his light blue and pink ring gear. He slides into the ring from under the bottom rope and hands Mr. Kingsley the title. He stares eye to eye with his opponent for the next episode of Precision.

A golden opportunity awaits.

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