Following Twitter Outburst - WWE Holds Talent Meeting

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. :facepalm1: Yes they are really going to speak up, because the last person who said what he wanted got fired. WWE you guys aren't stupid nor new to wrestling. YOU know how to use new talent, so just use them and stop making everything dramatized.
  3. :notsure: if they're genuinely interested in knowing if any wrestlers are unhappy, or if they just want to punish people who are willing to speak their own opinion.
  4. I think they know Linda has lost the senate run..( just give up funding it) .. So now their not afraid of making people loose there jobs!
  5. It was funny to see JTG on Raw after so long right after he ranted though.
  6. i know this might be a stupid question, but are WWE seriously THIS retarded?
  7. I guess the intention of the meeting was to advise them to keep their twitters and such professional. It's quite ironic they ask them to speak up after reprimanding AW, but to be fair, AW brought up Linda McMahon, I guess they simply want to know if there's any actual grievances the wrestlers have.
  8. Yeah. Didn't they solve the pay issue - which was what JTG brought up in his tweets - like adults without reprimands (apart from on screen jobbing). I heard the workers would get extra pay for the latest south America tour.
  9. I hope this doesn't stop them from coming back to South America. :upset:
  10. No worries there Leo. It was not that they didn't make enough money from the tour to pay the wrestlers. Rather they claim some kind of payment error that gave every wrestler far less than what they had earned (they got 500$ a day) and they will now get the rest retroactively.
  11. Nice. They probably screwed up with our currency then lol. I really want to go to another WWE event.
  12. :facepalm1:

    Uhhhhh.....Linda won her primary today by a margin of 73-27.

    The latest polls show her in a statistical dead heat to win the Senate seat (she's trailing by about 5 points to the guy who won the Democratic Primary while the margin of error is 4.5 percentage points).

    Anybody giving up on her Senate run at this point is either a pessimist (assuming they want her to win), an optimist (assuming they want her to lose), or just doesn't understand the situation (the most likely among the general populace).

  13. Its going to be close. Money = votes.
  14. Lots of money = votes. It seems :dawg:
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