Fooqy Booqy Awards 2014!!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, May 3, 2014.

  1. Ohai guiz! Farooq here to provide some awards, which is this:


    Okay first! To number one female of the forums!

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    230030403403. Hannah
    2. Brit, Grammarnazi, Jenn
    1. @Xanth !!!

    Now for the person who gives the most fucks!

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    Worst mod ever
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    @Shadow (Only Gohan voted)

    Oldest member!
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    @Trip in the Head 23432 years old
    @Wacokid27 34345 years old
    @Senhor Perfect 343454353487945684956784968948293492384-12039403294023492304923.34 years old

    Best Admin
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    Most masturbater
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    Most gamer member
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    3. @Butters
    1. @RoyalRaven

    Bitch ass nigga
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    Most fun person to piss off
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    Biggest forums faggot
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    Best drunk member
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    999999999999999999999999999999. Hannah
    1. @Aids Johnson / @Crayo

    Best non US member
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    @Leo C for not bitching about soccer/football 24/7

    Worst IWT GM EVER
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    Biggest penis
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    More to come soon...

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    what the fuck is this?
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  3. where am i in this yo
  4. That old and nobody around here ever remembers my birthday......:sad1:

    Of course, I don't remember my birthday either......:damn:

  5. Fooq, I thought we had an Understanding man.....

    Where be my Award?
  6. Dat Kid grabs his biggest penis award from his seat using his large penis.
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  7. Where the hell is the terrorist of the year award
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  8. hahaha I'm older than all the oldest members!
  9. Does no one see the "More to come" part of OP :mad1:
  10. there better be a Jobber of the Year Award Boss
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  11. Don't see my name anywhere, and thus, I disapprove.
  12. Never saw the tag :((
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  13. Best Non-exist couple? That would be a fun one haha.

    @RoyalRaven :tough:check us out in the gamer section.
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  14. You know i deserve that best casual member award 800 posts in 2+ years :yes:
  15. Gav the chav for chav of the year?
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  16. actually @B.Dazzle would suit that Award more
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