Football Foot ball (Non American Version)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nikki Nitro, Jul 5, 2017.

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    Never realized how dangerous this type of sport is. Getting stabbed by the opponents Spiked shoes... on purpose none the less?! You've Got To Be Kidding Me. Im NOT fan of watching ppl get seriously hurt by it. I've paid some close attention, and I can see them purposefuly getting hurt. Broken Leg, Ankles., etc....
    How can they get away with being soo brutal. Its not right. I prefer American Football..Less Violent
  2. American football is rugby for tarts.
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  4. The same thing happens in American Football, I'm a Dolphins fan, and I know (However you spell his first name) Suh will step on quarterbacks ankle. American Football is more violent than Foot-Soccer-Ball. I'm not disagreeing with you that Foot-Soccer-Ball is more violent than people give it credit for, but at the same time you can't say that it's more violent than American Football.
  5. :yeah:
  6. American Football is not less violent. You're using your body to intentionally hit the other team and they have a higher chance of getting studded. Out of all the sports to play Football is up there in being the safest. The modern day guys just make it seem like everyone are fucking weak fairies who can't take a tackle. If you argue with me on Football or Pussy Rugby then I will point out the best of both and then the worse of both. As someone who lives in a big footballing nation and played it at amateur level and with multiple schools, I can point out Football and it's past.
  7. I love me a good scrappy footballer. Often a midfielder. Scott Parker is the GOAT physical midfielder in my opinion. Fearless and tough as nails.

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  8. I could personally never say a bad thing about him, I like to watch players positioning and his was always amazing, Mark Noble is another player like Scott Parker.
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    Oh, I dont plan on argueing with anyone on football. I was only stateing MY opinion is all.
    Well, Footballer's suffer bad concussions. I SAW a documentary/Movie on football and they said a certain percentage of ppl who suffered Concussions or repeated hits to the heads, Always suffer some kind of "Mental Breakdown" much later in life. It was informative and scary at the same time to learn about that. My Neighbor (25) played Football and His Mom prays that he wont suffer any concenquinces much later on Down the road. I cant imagine what that would be like. (Kind of the case with Benoit, He suffered so many hits til he had a mental breakdown) Either way its still sad that they cant be less Violent in sports. No matter the kind of sport. Its Just a game. Relax. No need to get THAT COMPETATIVE. :emoji_slight_frown: I mean, NO OFFENSE, When did sports get to be soo Competative? What ever happened to just hving fun without costing someone permanent ligament damage, etc..?
  10. Sports have always been competitive once you get out of playing it in the park with your friends or on the school yard or past the age of say 13. That's when you can start focusing for a pro career in most sports. And in a pro sport you don't play for participation trophies.

    Always have been. Always will be. And people getting hurt are a known factor in any physical activity or profession. The important part is being able to handle it when it does happen. And thankfully most pro clubs have great medical teams
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  11. praying won't help shrink the guys balls. also:
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  12. *Stifles a snicker* IM SORRY, He sounds like he got kicked where the sun dont shine!! :nope:
  13. nah his ass hole was probed by the black guy when he dropped the soap/
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