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Discussion in 'Sports' started by TheSexyPedo, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. Im not talking about american football, imt alking about the actual football, you guys might call it soccer.

    Need some advice on which boot to buy.

    Performance and style both matters.

    Im mainly looking for something that specializes in boosting shooting power and distance.

    My current top two choices are Predator and Mercurial Vapor 3. But as far as i know Predator is aimed at increasing shot power and accurate passing distance, while Mercurial is for speed and ball control.

    I dont need something for speed as im already one of the speediest.

    Here are the suggestions i have been looking into so far :-

    Mercurial Vapor 3
    Nike T90
    Adidas F10
    Adidas F50
    Copa Mundial

    Personally i dont like F50, Adipure or Copa Mundial because of the designs. Like i said cool designs matter just as much to me as performance.

    Thanks in advance for the advices.


    I would also like to know a little bit more about Predators. Atm i have money to buy the regular mass produced Predators. Are they just as good, or should i save up for the Pulse TRS-SG, TRS-FG, Or the Absolute. What and how much is the difference? Which one is specialized for what?
  2. Yo half the people on this forum dominate from outside the US so there's no point to remind people of which football you are talking about.
  3. Just making sure about the other half :emoji_slight_smile:

    Let me know if you got any advice.
  4. Yeah, *in lawler's gay unamused voice* you'll need it.
  5. Been years since I played on a competitive level but when I did I preferred shoes by Adidas and Reebok, they gave me good grip on the pitch as well as on the ball as I played a long running mid fielder out by the edges of the pitch, laying long shots in towards my teammates by the goal.
  6. Well i have shortened my list to 3.

    Adidas Predator
    Nike CTR-360 Maestri II
    Nike T90
  7. Then just by brand experience I'd go with the Adidas Predators. I lack experience with the Nike's to say either yay or nay.
  8. Tbh, I like Puma Kings the best, they're really comfy and last ages.
  9. I dislike puma. They have like absolutely no technology in their boots, and i fail to hit the ball long distances with puma. I would rank lotto as the third best after adidas and nike when it comes to boots.

    I have shortened my list down to Predator and T90. I guess i will buy both.
  10. Good decision :true: and also Puma does suck.
  11. I'd go with predators, and I wear Puma :upset: I wear them on the basis of funky colours and wacky designs. :dawg:
  12. I go Adidas, you're just best off going whatever fits you best though.
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