Football Manager discussion thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Rysenberg, Jun 9, 2012.

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  1. Since I'm starting a new football manager file with Hibs on 12, I thought I'd start a thread where we can post our current squads/achievments etc.
  2. @[Xanth]
  3. Try and get Leigh Griffiths on loan from wolves in your 2nd season, he should tear it up in the SPL also Soukanha (SP) a free agent striker from France. How much of a transfer budget do you have? If you have about 800k sign modise from south south african team, also look for Kara if you can afford him.
  4. 275k plus 45k per week wages. Never managing to get 800k from my board this summer but I'll see if I can afford him later on. I'll have a look at Soukanha though.

    Oh and Griffiths has been an absolute bear for me in previous FM files, lucky I don't even have to buy him this year :win:
  5. If someone can find me a link where I can DL this for free that would be swell
  6. When Xanth reads this thread he'll link you to a torrent like he did for me.
  7. You should sign Vaclav Kadlec, he tears up the EPL so should absolutely batter the SPL :otunga:
  8. Football Manager 2012 is the first in the series which requires all players to use Valve's Steam software; this angered many thousands of fans of the series who encountered problems with the third party software.[6][7] The move to Steam requires the game to be activated online before being able to play. Sega has said that Football Manager has moved to Steam to combat piracy.


    errr, how does this work?
  9. Just D/L steam, copy and paste what's in the skidrow folder which you download into the root folder then add it manually to steam.
  10. What a fucking hassle
  11. It's not tbh, takes a few minutes at worst.
  12. I have Steam downloaded now please translate the rest of what this shit means. I don't use steam so idk where to go to do this shit.
  13. Have you downloaded the game yet?
  14. Torrent is at 95%


    It's finished now


    Someone help! I'm too computer retarded for this
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