Football player signs with WWE

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. Football! Not Soccer.
  2. inb4noonecares :tyson:
  3. They should sign Joey Barton.
  4. +1 Or maybe Branislav Ivanovic, that elbow vs Aston Villa last night was PHENOMINAAAAAAAAAAAAL
  5. He's under 30 and has already been in the US Army, NFL, and now WWE. Quite a life this guy has lived.

    thx google
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  6. What's wrong? Can't he hold down a job?

  7. If this was TNA, they'd get buried for signing non-wrestlers. #MMAers #Bellator

    Thanks for double-standards, IWC.
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  8. Difference between TNA & WWE is WWE doesn't have to fire half their roster to do it :pity2:
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  9. And WWE sends them down to get training to become full time wrestlers.
  10. Could come out great and could come out shit. Dont make TNA's mistake and debut them before they have trained enough to debut.
  11. Completely different. Tito and Rampage are there because Spike wants to sell a PPV and it couldn't be more obvious. They're trying to use their star power to get as many Bellator buys as possible, while this guy has no star power. Nobody's ever heard of him. The only reason he'd be there is to learn how to wrestle.

    Even if Rampage and Tito care, it'll be a few years before they're ready for TV. But they're being pushed now.
  12. Since when is 10 a half of 50? :dawg:

    Damn, Rainman always has a good argmuent. I informed you dustly, WWEF.:testify:
  13. Oh I'm sorry it was only 20% of the roster :jeritroll:
  14. How are you even bringing this up? the difference is wwe sign some ex american football player and he is trained for a couple of years and then brought in as part of the lower card TNA brings in mma people and says there main event before they have even wrestled a match and makes out there is interesting signings when there is not there is just another shit mma guy no one gives two shits about.
  15. I don't think that's it. WWE is a creating a new star in the process while TNA or Spike just hired washed up MMA stars.
    Also, didn't Goldberg play football?
  16. i thought you meant proper Football #Euro
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  17. Alot of superstars played college football men of that size and are into sports normally go for one or both of those two sports even kurt angle was a good football player he had to choose between wrestling and football in the end.
  18. Like Europe even matters.
  19. Well, since he'll be brought up as a regular wrestler, hopefully everything goes right then.
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