Football teams you HATE

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Robbie Coletrain, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Tell me which footy teams, NOT HANDEGG teams you hate, not just dislike, absolutely despise. For me it's Sunderland at no.1 (sorry Jonathan). Leeds at no.2. Chelsea at no.3 and Liverpool at no.4.
    Ugh, I hate them all, but who do you hate?
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  2. Are we including international teams too? here is my list, in order of hatred,

    1 - Leeds
    2 - Republic Of Ireland
    3 - Liverpool
    4 - Celtic
  3. Yeah National Teams aswell.
  4. I could have added England to that list, but I wouldn't actually say I hated them, just dislike them.
  5. I hate Portugal the most out of National teams tbh, I will never forget the World Cup, cheating b*******
  6. Liverpool, Man City, Leeds and Bayern Munich.
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  7. I'm loving all the Leeds and Liverpool bashing :win:
  8. Why Bayern?
  9. A few of their players outside of the pitch are incredibly stuck up. On it they're pleasant to watch Bayern, but I can't hide my despair at some of their players.
  10. England.
  11. :angry:
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  12. Who's your national team then?
  13. I don't like the Falcons.
  14. :troll::haha::haha:
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  15. Really hate the Pats, and the redskins.
  16. Redskins is a team I actually dislike too
  17. The team namesake is racist as all hell as they dont kick back, and the team is full of overpaid hasbeens. Its like buffalo, except the bills just give w's away. I hope the pack scoop Lee Evans, i know the ravens didnt care for em.
  18. England mostly. Dickheads
  19. America.

    Reason: Newcastle and Middlesborough are scum. Germany and below are cheats, divers and fakes. American's think they rule the world.

    Have a nice day :finger:
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