Footballers of the future

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. El Shaarawy
  2. Lucas Piazon
    Cristian Tello
    Christian Atsu
    Christian Eriksen
  3. Taarabt has been a "future star" for quite a few years now, i dont think thats ever gonna work out unless he changes his mentality.

    Neymar i believe is all hype, and will most probably end up being another robinho. Scoring goals in brazilian league isnt that hard.

    Nasri is already at his peak, and wouldnt improve anymore.

    Bale too i believe wouldnt improve unless he transfers to a top club.

    U forgot to mention me. You will see me soon in the defensive midfield position at man utd, the first player to actually fill that position since Keane left.
  4. Oh boy
  5. Too many people labelling people future stars because they play Fifa. If you haven't watched them, gtfo.

    1) Neymar.
    2) Gotze
    3) Wilshere
    4) Eriksen
    5) El Shawaary
    5) James Rodgriguez
    6) Lucas Moura
    7) Oscar
    8) Danilinho
    9) Isco
    10) Pogba
    11) Marrone
    12) Alba
    13) Alaba
    14) Ananidze
    15) Deulofeu
    16) Thiago
    17) Jese
    18) Locadia
    19) Muniaian
    20) Musa
    21) Oxlade Chamberlain
    22) Salah
    23) Raheem Sterling
    24) Varane
  6. Why don't you just quote me tag me and shove it up my ass faggot
  7. You and Xanth are guilty.
  8. I watch soccer everyday now
  9. Dunno what soccer is mate. This thread is about footballers.
  10. Jordan Ibe.
  11. Seen bits of Ibe I think when he played against our reserves and for Wycombe once I think (sorry if wrong), seems average if you ask me.
  12. Shut up
  13. He's only 15 but a bit of a fatter version of Sterling.
  14. Ibe is 17. Jerome Sinclair is 16, maybe it's him you're thinking of!
  15. Nope... Right guy, wrong age =p
  16. How didn't anyone of you mention Mesut Ozil?
  17. :pipebomb:
  18. Probably because he's one of the best midfielders in the world already in the present, this is about the future lol
  19. Yea but he is still only 23 years old.

    Its just like Daniel Bryan, he is one of the best in the WWE now, but that doesn't mean he is not the future :pity:
  20. If we're including Ozil may aswell say Messi lol.
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