For as good as a lot of ER was, what's next??

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  1. Super Cena eliminates the mystique that would have been surrounding Brock. Cena's out for a while? Nothing now for Brock, elevating him to a WWE Title shot makes no sense IMO (so that's probably what will happen hashtagWWElogic)

    Who's next for Punk? Some lame ass filler feud unless they rush Brock to that spot like I mentioned above.Someone mentioned Christian, which would be okay besides the fact that nobody views Christian as a legitimate threat to Punk

    Sheamus vs ADR.. okay, but same problem that Christian/Punk would be. ADR aint taking Fella's strap. And what comes of DB? I see him getting lost in the shuffle

    Rhodes- back as IC Champ- talk about counterproductive. MEH

    I see WWE hitting a rough patch for the next few months because IMO I don't think they know wtf direction they are going atm, and will be stalling until MITB/SS season.
  2. you're forgetting the team ace team and its empty spots. that should help with a lot of story lines. either that or we wait for the rock to return and once again save wwe. like hes done so many times before
  3. I don't get having Brock Lesnar lose, but I'm still happy at the thought of Cena going away for awhile. I suspect the Punk/Jericho feud will go another month, but if not, or when it's finally over, Daniel Bryan could 'jump' to Raw and feud with Punk.
  4. Another loss to Punk and his 2nd title shot. He's already both matches so there shouldn't be a 3rd. There could be though.

    And Bryan should stay on SD, he's one of their highlights. Whenever someone gets really big on SD wwe moves them to Raw and they should avoid that this time.
  5. OMFG CENA IS NOT GOING AWAY! Cena is wrestling Brock at OTL! He we go again! Just like how Rock was going lose at WM and how Brock was not Wrestling until Summer Slam or WM29! GUY STFU! UR WRONG!

  6. I think Lesnar will feud with HHH. I don't like it.

    Punk vs Jericho will feud for another month, and I agree, it's stupid.

    Sheamus will feud with Del Rio and either Bryan gets involved and it is a triple threat match, or DB will get lost in the shuffle.

    So, Cody won back the title and was buried after the match too... And I think he'll wrestle Big Show again at OTL.
  7. Does telling someone to STFU make you feel like a big man ice team bar boy?

    Cena Is selling an injury. Legit or not.

    Prolly making death to smootchie part two or taking some time off

  8. Can you not just leave Savage alone or put him on ignore or something.. fair enough he annoys you ut you don't need to get on at him every thread you're both involved in.
  9. I disagree it ruins Brock's mystique tbh, he isn't here to win matches he's here to destroy. The old cliche of losing the battle but winning the war.
  10. I was gonna say No Way Out but since that will be a gimmick PPV, I guess only MITB or SS would the next good ones.

    Cena is going on a vacation. Randy Orton is expected to fight Lesnar.
  11. The summer story-line. I see extreme rules as a way to end WM feuds. That's happened (though it looks like Rhodes and Big Slow will continue). Now there will be new story-lines and new feuds. Bryan needs to be in the spotlight as he's stupidly over, I don't see WWE making that mistake. ADR and Sheamus will ofc be the biggest bore, that's expected. Cena's gone so someone else will step up to the plate in a new story-line against Brock. Punk will feud with someone else for the title - not sure who though, that's always exciting.
  12. Nah. It made him seem weak as hell. He can dish out punishment but not take it. We've seen guys kick out from a helluva lot more punishment than a chain to the head and an AA onto steps. He took two moves and couldn't kick out. And he didn't even retaliate after the match. I'm sure he will say 'oh I whooped his ass. I had him finished but the ref was out, he hit a lucky shot blah blah blah' but he lost after taking two moves. He was built as an unstoppable monster and he was stopped by two fucking moves.


    It's too early for the big storyline IMO. It's not going to be wasted on the next two filler PPVs.
  13. So the fact that he tells someone to STFU is ok? But my calling him out on it isn't??
    Are you serious?

    That's mighty ass backwards if u ask me

  14. You can say whatever you want to Savage he isn't going to stop being like that, so I see no reason to have digs at him every time he posts. If him telling people to STFU irritates you then ignore him, simples.
  15. IMO the summer storyline should start the night of No Mercy in an event like Kevin Nash returning and Jackknifing CM Punk after his match. Something like that to set up July and Summerslam.
  16. It's more for new people who would come on here. It was 50-50 for me to stay on here when I came here.

    People like that kill a forum.

    If u want less people joining and staying. So be it



    Nash vs punk....

    I'd pirate a feed to watch that!

  17. That's for the admins to decide, plus, surely it makes it worse for new members if posters just argue with each other and it gets in the way of proper debates...

    I just don't think it's necessary for you to get involved so often, it can ruin threads a wee bit.
  18. its called heart, had it been HBK, HHH, Cena, Rock, Taker, Austin that had been in his place they'd a kicked out. lesnar is a monster but monsters dont have 'heart'. kane shoulda kiked outta that RKO but he didn't. did u srsly expect lesner to kick out that tho? considering lesnar isnt a huge babyface nor the undertaker I think it's pretty obvious he wasnt going to kick out of that move. dont know why you would even assume that.
  19. Not sure what Savage and you are squabbling over this time but things that "kill a forum" is constant flaming, something we pride ourselves on stopping. That's why you were verbally told to stop digging at Savage.
  20. R'albin reminded me about this thread. How right I was. Raw has been unbearable and OTL looks like the worst card WWE has had in quite some time.
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