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  1. I wanted to make this thread for those of us with a love for comic books.. this won't be for just Marvel and DC discussion, the comic book world is much larger than just the "Big 2"... we will discuss our collections or collecting in general.. story lines (arcs).. old school and current.. favorite titles or books.. discussion on the care of comic books.. the characters.. stories involving comic books in some way or another.

    It's just a place for us comic geeks to hang out..

    Tagging @Trip in the Head @GrammarNazi82 @Sharpy Sandow

    My story:

    I started collecting at the age of 8.. 1984.. for 9 years I collected anything and everything that came out and bought back issues like crazy.. at the age of 17 I sold my collection for $2800 to purchase my first car so that I could get a job to fund my new comic collection.. I missed my babies and wanted to try and get everything back.. and more. From 17 until 35 I, once again bought everything.. including the majority of the comics I had in the first collection I sold... at 35 I decided to call it quits on collecting comics.. I kept 3 longboxes full that I store away just to have them.. the other 54 longboxes I sold for $158,000 and banked it for whatever. I couldn't go without comics for long and it is now the 21st century.. so I figured why not go digital... I now have close to 10,000 digital comics including nearly every old school Marvel comic you can think of (since I have always loved Marvel) and a ton of current comics as well. Comics are a getaway for me.. spending a few hours reading not only keeps my brain fresh and active, but regulates my heart rate and clears my mind. It really is therapy. That's my story.

    So, let's get this started guys and girls!
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  2. Nice idea! Will jump in when I'm back on a computer after the weekend. For now will tag @Wacokid27 since I recall him being into comics, as well.
  3. Unfortunately my old collection got ruined via flood (damn you hurricane Sandy) in my storage locker.
    Couldn't tell you the entire value but basically since then I've just been trying to collect all of the Green Arrow comics and Dr. Strange comics.
  4. That sucks! DAMN YOU SANDY!

    Well... we can still talk bunches about comics anyways =)
  5. Ok, you're collection outshines mine by a longshot lol.

    I started when I was younger too. My cousin from my mother's uncle worked at a 7-11 or something and started bringing me some comics from where he worked. That started it all. Mostly the two sided Wolverine and Ghost Rider comics. I fell in love with the concept of the art to go along with the stories. Now I have about 5 or 6 longboxes full of comics. No idea how much they are worth, but like I have said before - I do have every issue of the X-MEN run that started in the 90's. Not to be confused with the Uncanny X-Men series (which is worth WAY more). And I currently subscribe to X-Force.
  6. Well, you've got more than I do now. When I collect something I obsess over it. I have collected movies all my life as well.. I recently sold over 3000 DVDs to make room.. I still have around 800 left... I also have close to 1000 Blu Rays. I have a tendency to go all out lol

    I used to collect sports cards as well.... ended up selling my whole collection for $12,000 cash at a convention. lol

    Thinking about all this stuff makes me realize how much money I've wasted.. you never get back everything you put into something when it comes to collecting.

    Anyway... to everyone.. What were your favorite comic characters growing up? Mine was the Incredible Hulk =)
  7. not a comic book lover

    thread ruined
  8. Lame. To bad a mod couldn't delete your useless post.

    Oh wait......
  9. So to add to my previous post @Just Kevin - The series I have collected over the years include the 90s TMNT ones published by the Archie guys I think, Gen13 by Image, quite a few series from the publisher Crossgen, Johnny the homicidal maniac, I got the crow comic, X-treme X-men for awhile, the wolverine origins series, and I have had my subscription for quite a few years. I basically have all the Cable and X-Force comics that ran through the Mutant Messiah period where Hope Summers was born and grew up under Cable's care (let me know if I've lost you haha).

    I have lots of random stuff too. Like back when the TMNT first got famous some guys tried to come up with a similar concept called "Rockin Rollin Miner Ants". Still got that I think. The guys came to my school when I was pretty young and an issue they were selling or giving out, I can't remember. I have this comic called "Wolverbroad" which is basically a rated R version of a female Wolverine spoof. Probably worthless, but I just held on to whatever I got over the years. There was a local comic shop I used to hang out at in my early teens and play games like Magic and Warhammer 40K. I got a lot of stuff from that place, but it closed down before I even graduated high school. Not much demand for comic stores in the middle of nowhere Maine I guess.
  10. I'm not a huge comic guy but I really dug the Knightfall arc and some Deadpool stuff (Deadpool kills the marvel universe was something I read a few weeks ago)
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  11. It started with Donald Duck comics for me (Very big over here in Sweden. Like stupidly big).

    My dad started subscribing to them when I was one and read them to me. And then we just kept going. I have like 18 years worth of Donald Duck comics at my dads place.

    At age 8-9 I started subscribing to Spider-Man and X-Men as well. And did so until the age of 16. Should also be at my dads.

    At home I have the Ultimate Spider-Man first volume on paperback and DC's Infinite Crisis event in paperback.

    I had Invincible 1-70 in digital format on my old laptop.
  12. Dude thats awesome. I bet those Donald comics might be worth something some day if they are in good condition. Disney stuff is almost always collectible.
  13. I also read the beano when I was younger,it was fantastic
  14. I wish DC had a bigger comic book presence over here. Would have loved to more easily get a hold of some Aquaman, Green Lantern and the Flash comics when younger.

    As a kid I dreamed about working in comics. I'm a pretty decent guy with a pencil and a decent writer apparently.
  15. I can't draw for shit. Decent writer though
  16. I spent hours upon hours with pen and paper as a kid. Made my first painting at the age of 9
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  17. I like independent comics a lot as well... stuff from Image and Dynamite and Vertigo... stuff like American Vampire, Severed, and several other cool and creepy series. The writing is superb and the art is second to none and the writers and artists are the ones reaping most of the benefits. I think it's pretty cool.

    Some of the older Wolverine: Origins comics are worth $15 - $20 a piece because of Deadpool appearances... Wolverine vs Deadpool always draws... Wolverbroad sounds interesting, I might try and find that lol

    Knightfall was one of the best story arcs in Batman for sure.. along with Year One and Death in the Family. You can never go wrong with Deadpool, almost every comic I've ever read has been entertaining... one of the best characters in Marvel history.

    Those Disney comics will definitely be worth something down the road as long as you take care of them.. some of the Disney stuff from the 50s and 60s commands hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. Some of your Spider-Man books could be worth money as well. If you ever have the time go and check out what issues you have... if you have Amazing Spider-Man #s 290- around 310 they are worth a good bit of money.. that was the Todd McFarlane run in Spidey and was extremely popular.. it was when Venom was born.

    Did you ever try to sketch up some stuff and send it in to Marvel or DC? or any of the smaller publishers that are around now?.. I wouldn't give up on that if you have that talent... it is pretty rare.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. Looks interesting lol
  20. Dunno if my artistic abilities are good enough for super hero comics. At least when it comes to creating a sense of momentum and movement.
    I'd probably pull off a good strip comic. If I had the time and such I'd attempt a webcomic I guess.
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