For: Crayo, deth, Danny, Seabs

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. Why are you all so lily livered? You think you have the musk but you shower too often when a proper lad should only shower once maybe twice a week. The ladies want a manly man with manly musk, not a metrosexual. Spend less time grooming yourselves and more time down at the local boozer and you will get more females grinding on your netherbusiness. And I don't mean those butchy Jeff Hardy fans with their fishnets, I mean proper lasses who enjoy musky men that talk about wrestling at the local boozer while smelling musky.

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  2. dude you forgot the word 'frivolous' bro :emoji_wink:
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  4. Pretty weak thread imo
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  5. :((
  6. If you want to get babes, NEVER bring up wrestling. lmfao.
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  7. TGI > Dolph's

    Poor effort, lad.
  8. right you have gotten a reaction
    how would the women know what you are talking about

    if they overhear a conversation about why Orton is a good worker, they might think you are on about the footy. More vacous jokes from the OP I see. The sad thing is if we met in the real world, this would be the result

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  9. The ladgend lives.
  10. just hate people twisting my words like the OP is trying to do. there is more to my thinking than what he makes out
  11. This is your third last stand now, how typical.
  12. What do you mean how would they know what I am talking about. Usually, when you have a conversation with someone you explain what the fuck you are talking about, mate.

    So, I would never go to a babe and be like "Yo, you catch raw last night sweet tits?" Unless they drop a hint they are into WWE, i'm steering clear until after the first shag. Ya dig? If you need any advice on how to actually pick up babes, hit me up.
  13. Oh look at the time, looks like I should disappear again.
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  14. How dare you mention Seab here.
  15. thought u left already u lilly livvered liberal
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  16. I mean when women are about looki over at a group of lads, how would they know you are talking about wrestling

    if you are on about it, they will not recognize the names mentioned, they will think you are on about the footy or something.
  17. In all fairness, there are women who watch pro wrestling.

    And most of them know who Randy Orton and John Cena are. And Dolph Ziggler. Most of them seem to think those are the three hottest guys in WWE.

  18. Bro, you just twist what i said. I guess ill be more specific. I.WOULD.NEVER.OPENLY.TALK.ABOUT.WRESTLING.TO.A.BABE.UNTIL.I.KNEW.IF.SHE.LIKED.IT.OR.NOT. Also if a girl heard you talk about footy here, she would think you're a homosexual
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  19. yeah, but they just know the hunks, not the actual artform

    the sort of women who know the artform and watch it like we do live up to the jeff hardy stereotype
  20. where do you go.

    women love a lad who watched the footy and burps larger down my end son
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