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  1. :win::yes::pity::sad: What did everybody think of Tonight's smackdown? For once I was actually very pleased with it-all except for 1 MAJOR THING IN MY BOOK-I thought for sure BOOKER T would be able to say that Punk is still champ and is still holding the title,I thought for sure he'd be able to correct the wrong that was done-seeing as how he did it with Sheamus by reinstating The Brogue Kick-which I was very happy about.
    I was hoping the same could be said about Punk's match-no such luck and I definitely now see why he gets so upset and feels disrespected-I understand him now a lot better than I did before and if I could say anything to Punk himself-it would be this:"
    If that had happened to me-I'd be quite ticked off too and hopefully somebody will take a closer look at that also and see the same thing and make things right again.
    But what more can you say?Life isn't always fair and we don't always get what we want in life-along with Cult Of Personality-maybe you should add another theme song "YOU CAN'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT"-THE STONES,just a suggestion,food for thought anyway-lol.
    I was very pleased to see EDGE-glad he is doing okay after being forced into EARLY RETIREMENT(I know exactly how that feels,I broke down and bawled like a baby when I was told I'd never work again and was finished, when Triple H recently retired-he brought me to tears as well,I could feel what he was feeling and that he was doing all he could to not break down and bawl-but I think I took care of that problem for him-I cried for him-lol).
    Edge looked really good and very happy and I watched a few minutes of him on Haven-not bad acting chops Edge-I didn't catch the list of actors thing on it-but one of the characters on there was one of the LONDON brothers wasn't it? Jason or Jeremy I think-it's been a long while since I have seen or heard anything of them-one of them I saw not too long back on CELEBRITY REHAB with Dr. Drew-but I can't remember which brother it was-they both look alike-so it's hard to tell one from the other as they're both twins-lol,but I knew it was one of the London Brothers-I recognized the face instantly(I'm good with recognizing faces from the past and the present-always been good with recognizing faces).
    I was very pleased with what went down between Kane and Bryan,but I had to laugh when Kane hugged Edge-cause the look in Kane's eyes was Pure Evil and I was expecting something bad to happen-lol,so when he hugged Edge-my jaw hit the floor-lol, and I have to say it-I LOVED WHEN THEY BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF DAMIEN SANDOW!I don't like Sandow-He's annoying and he reminds me of my uncle in North Carolina who is a retired college professor whom taught in Brazil for 22 years-Damien and my uncle would get along very well-lol, 2 annoying KNOW IT ALLS-lol.
    Also-EDGE THANK YOU FOR FINALLY SHUTTING DAMIEN SANDOW UP!HE'S SO ANNOYING! like somebody taking their fingernails and scratching them against a chalk board and somebody also like VICKIE GUERRERO-those 2 should hook up-they'd make a perfect match-lol.
    All in all-I loved tonight,even Sheamus' match and teaming up with The Viper Randy Orton-loved it! I cannot stand ALBERTO DEL RIO-lol, I dated a lot of guys like him in jr. high and highschool-Latinos with Anger,Control,Jealousy,and Power issues-lol.
    Punk-do me one favor huh?lol-don't hook up with him again please?lol. He has a HUGE EGO PROBLEM as well-which you don't need, I think you already have your hands full with dealing with Paul Heyman-I'd say that's plenty-lol.
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  2. This smackdown was the best in years. for once it was very entertaining. Kane and daniel bryan are the best thing to happen in ages. i'm more interested in them than anything else that is going on. I'm s glad this episode was centered around them! the ending was hilarious when they beat down all the other tag teams :yay:
  3. You're falling into Damien Sandow's trap, you anserine, nescient ignoramus!
  4. Smackdown was awesome this week, I really enjoyed it, I'm glad you did too.
  5. :dafuq: "WHAT?"LMBO. I'm sorry but SANDOW is annoying!the only thing I liked about him was his purple boots and underwear-lol.

    I agree Vince-I just think the "ANGER MANAGEMENT" guy is so sappy he makes me want to barf!lol-I had to say the same thing Daniel did after a class"What the hell is an "anger collage"?lol, I had never heard of one before-lol.
    The "hugging it out" thing? that doesn't ever really work in general society-lol, trust me-it had been tried between my older half sister and I for years,she and I can't stand each other and after 1 year of living together we were ready to kill each other by the time she moved out-we tried getting some help for our issues and that was 1 thing they tried on us-HUGGING OUT OUR PROBLEMS-didn't work-lol.
    For people like Kane and DB?IT'S STRANGE-LOL, I could see the look on Edge's face when he was talking about it-I understood exactly where he was coming from and when he got hugged by kane and the look in his eyes-I just could not help but bust up laughing.
    Then Edge trying to get DB in on a group hug?lol-my very 1st thought was "OH YEAH,THE WWE HAVE LOST IT,THEY'RE GONE,OFF THEIR ROCKERS,they've gone "CUCKOO FOR COCOPUFFS"lol.
    I thought it was pretty funny,Smackdown has only been entertaining like this like one other time I can remember and that was an episode where Christian was on and Punk showed up and Punk was talking about all the bitching and complaining he does and what the result of that turned out to be-lol,that's like one of my favorite episodes as well-lol.
    I do want to commend you on hiring the great BOOKER T for GM for that-he's cool,he's fair(sometimes,all except when he tried to ban the brogue kick and I was very pleased when he came to his senses and reinstated it), and though I like Aj as Gm for Raw-at other times-I don't always understand what she's doing and why and some matches she sets up is cool and then some of them I don't agree with-like having 2 of my top 2 favorite wrestlers match up against my #1 favorite-Sheamus and Cena on 1 team and Punk on the other with Del Rio(whom I am not a fan of-lol)-Punk is my #1 fave,Sheamus is #2, and Cena is #3-you should have those 3 tag team up together against another team of like:Alberto Del Rio,Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes-tag team up those 3 against my 3 faves-but don't match my 3 faves against each other-lol.
    If you guys have like a creative writing board on here where people can write fantasy matches, I could show you what I'm talking about.
    I may not know much about "Business" and running one-But I know enough to know that it takes creative ideas to keep a business running smoothly as being 1 part of running a business and that I am very good with.
    Creative Writing is one of my gifts and something I have always done very well at. I kind of overtime have studied the WWE and what they do and how it is run and have gotten a fairly good idea that it's mostly a lot of creative writing and cool storylines and why people like Triple H when they say how they've pretty much done everything there is to do for the company-I guess it took me awhile to figure out that wrestlers don't just wrestle their whole lives,they move up a rung on the ladder of business in the world of wrestling-higher and higher promotions that take them to different levels of the business and the industry.
    So when people like Punk get to be commentator for a day or so-it's basically like a "promotion"-they get to try different things within the company-outside of just wrestling,you didn't think the fans paid any attention to this kind of detail did you?lol
    I like detail and I like to learn new things and try to figure things out and understand how things,people,the environment,basically how the world around me works and let's just say"Curiousity always kills the cat" here-lol and I have an insatiable thirst and hunger for knowledge.
    The WWE has had my curiousity for years,so if you watch and observe-even from just t.v. you learn an awful lot and I don't miss much-lol. I think Booker T though would make a better manager for Raw as well,like I said-I like AJ,but Booker T-he seems more "fair" to me on the way he sets up the matches and why-he always has a reason and it's usually a "business" reason. AJ-sometimes I just don't always understand what she's doing and why. It's just something to think about-it's not to insult or attack or offend,it's meerly food for thought.
    I think Booker T would be good or I miss TEDDY LONG being Large and In Charge or what about at least hiring Triple H back as at least just GM-true he's done wrestling and that I will miss-as we all will,but he's also a great manager and though he's already done it and had his time-The Fans miss him. So,just some ideas I thought I'd point out. Anyway-Vince you are indeed an inspiration-especially to the underdogs so to speak that have not always had a very easy life and we turn to the WWE because it gives us the strength,fighting power,and the spirit to be just like those wrestlers and there is no obstacle in life that you can't beat-YOU JUST HAVE TO FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT AND IF YOU DO THAT-AT THE END OF THAT FIGHT-YOU WILL BE THE LAST MAN STILL STANDING and a saying I once heard someplace"Going that one more round when you don't think you can can make all the difference in your life" and that is what the WWE has taught and is still currently teaching me and will probably continue to teach me for as long as time and god will allow"
    Thank You for creating and bringing the world this entertainment-because sometimes-it's not just about entertainment, it can also be both a FIGHTER'S MANUAL and A SURVIVOR MANUAL or both A FIGHTER AND SURVIVOR MANUAL",it's the ultimate guide to learning how to defeat and get around "Life Obstacles" and some of us out here in the world need that-so Thank You from the bottom of my heart-ThankYou because I am a born FIGHTER AND A SURVIVOR and I CAN FACE ANYTHING LIFE THROWS AT ME,ANYTIME I GET KNOCKED DOWN-I'LL JUST GET RIGHT BACK UP AGAIN-and will have the skills to do so. The WWE comes into my home 3 days a week where I record-MONDAY NIGHTS,FRIDAY NIGHTS,and SATURDAY MORNINGS-so WWE has become like Family in a weird way and I can never wait til it comes on and I watch all the ones I have recorded a lot-including going to sleep to it at night, These shows and these wrestlers-make me feel strong inside and give me the kick in the butt when things get tough. Somebody that I talk to whom is sort of like the guy that's doing the ANGER MANAGEMENT class-only she sees 1 person a day for 45 minutes to an hour-she and I talk about The WWE and I let her know what a help it can be for people and already she is starting to see some positive changes for the better that I have made and she is very pleased that I have this tool to work with and that inspires me and she has even started to watch a little of it herself to understand what I see and will be recommending it to other people she works and speaks with and advises.
    So again-Thank You for bringing this to the world. THE WWE AND YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO MANY-including the children as well and what these guys do for the kids that are sick-I see those kids smile and I feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it moves me to tears.
    I wish these shows could be on every day,I could never get enough of or ever get tired of THE WWE. WWE AND VINCE I HOPE YOU GUYS STICK AROUND FOREVER!
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  6. whats with the long para

    anyway 10/10 sd this week
  7. SmackDown > IW > Raw for me. Raw makes me bored in last years. Same matches etc. Smackdown mostly have good ring in but poor storlylines. With the new tag team division, SD had a new, great ME!
  8. Would you honestly say SmackDown is consistently good though? Wasn't last weeks show like disgustingly bad lol?
  9. It was awesome Team Friendship had me in stitches and it was nice to see the tag champs the main focus of a show for once and the end where Bryan/kane destroying the rest of the teams was epic.
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