(For RAP fans) Who's your favourite CURRENT rapper?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. The rapper you post has to still be rapping.

    Going with Kendrick for now.
  2. I have to go with Dizzy Wright on this one.
  3. never saw it coming.

    i'd have to go with kendrick or tyler
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  4. Its a shocker, I keep it on the down low.
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  6. Illyal

    But Eminem is the GOAT
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  7. I still like Dr Dre, but Eminem is a Rap God.
  8. really into logic as of late
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  9. He released a pretty ehn song recently though. Which is why I never posted ITT yet.
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  10. every song cant be a fan fav
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  11. Nicki Minaj, easily.
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  12. i'm just juiced to know i'm not the only one who knows dude exists, my friends here hated for months b4 finally listening
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  13. Yes! One of my favourite songs. Actually, he has many good tunes from Young Sinatra, Undeniable and some from Welcome to Forever. I actually went to his concert in May I think. I'll post a video later. Here are some dope tracks.
    Show Spoiler

    Think that's one from each mixtape excluding Young, Broke and & Infamous.
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  14. Sage The Gemini is who I bump recently. But always will be Em and Jay
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  15. Sage is dope.
  16. Is MC Hammer still rapping? If not, then vanilla Ice.
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  17. Rob Van Winkle bro.
  18. Then : Eminem
    Now : Eminem
    Always : Eminem

    Don't listen to much rap but never can hate on this dude.
  19. Never heard of him :happy:
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