For Senhor, the plus sized princess

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nobody, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Do you watch CFL? or whatever the fuck it is. United football league.

    Check this dude out, my buddy was watching him when we were younger, and i was/am a huge Rich Rod/WVU fan, but refuse to watch tOSU. We should live discuss this shit sometime buddy.
  2. Yeah, my Argos won the Grey Cup last season. Hoping for a repeat. They just beat Montreal last night in their first pre-season game. Do they even broadcast them down there?
  3. i can get soccer on firstrow, im sure i can find CFL shit.

  4. I've seen CFL games on the NFLN, so yea, we get them.

    Had no idea Devine was in the CFL. I used to sign him in Madden when he was a FA. Beast
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